Mickey Mouse to star in new Star Wars filmThe news that Walt Disney has bought up Lucasfilms and Star Wars franchise is to be welcomed by lovers of the highly successful film series.

Already plans are in place for the new series of Star Wars films with three new movies in the pipeline.

The new films plan to go forwards in time to an era when the universe is ruled by evil Disney characters. The first one has the working title of ‘Star Warts’ and features a giant mouse with evil powers and a strange high pitched voice has taken over large swathes of known space with an endless stream of merchandise. His only rival is a strangely annoying duck that makes un-duck like noises and is joined by a not very amusing dog that is quite clumsy called Goofy.

The universe is realing from being forced to watch these endless reruns of Disney films that no-one has very much interest in and is filled with small, crying children being forced to wear mouse ears.

Mickey Mouse to star in new Star Wars film

The sinister Disney characters are based in huge death star like complexes called ‘Disneyworld’ that are built wherever they want and their ruthless and cruel gang of characters attempt to conquer every corner of the universe.

Only the blonde haired superhero with a cast of out of work actors dressed as giant space bears or dustbins made to look like robots can save the universe- can they do it? do we really care?

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