imageWe are sorry to hear of the death of Mick Lynch – the charismatic former frontman of quirky indie band beloved of John Peel, Stump.

The band rose to underground prominence with their Ron Johnson released Quirk Out release which was a welcome arrival in a certain sector of the fervent UK underground of the time. That release was full of colliding riffs and a deep, weird groove that was coalesced by Mick’s onstage charisma and natural charm.

Not only armed with a great voice but also a genuine prescence and convivial nature, Mick was the focal point of the band after moving from his native Cork to London and was there to the end of the band surviving the ups and downs of being in a highly original group when eventually trapped in the major label machine when they released their debut album.

He will be remembered for his musical passion, quirky Cork worldview, stage presence that oozed his natural warmth and his inquisitive and inteligent nature that saw him deliver songs that made the weird wonderful and the surreal into wonk pop and also that wonderful asymmetric Tin Tin haircut.

A great loss.



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  1. So deeply saddened by the untimely death of Mick Lynch, a man I met several times at Stump gigs and one of the funniest men you could ever wish to meet. Could always guarantee to bring a smile to your face. Tragically young, and sadly gone. Good night Mick R.I.P

  2. It’s very sad that far too many Louder Than War articles are obituaries. A sad fact of life, and one that I guess we have to get used to as we reach a certain age.
    I’m playing Stump right now – not listened to them since the Peel session days, and was never sure if I actually liked them…
    Listening again now in 2015 cements the fact that I most certainly did (do).

  3. I was at one of his his first Gigs in Sir Henrys in Cork 1980 when he sang with Constant reminders, later to become micro-disney.
    Had some great craic over the years with him. RIP Mick.

  4. A terrible loss to the people of Cork .. Mick was a Legend .. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say he will be missed . There was nothing like an impromptu gig with Mick standing in the window of Fred Zeppelins and belting out a tune to put a smile on our faces .. farewell my friend .. you will never be forgotten.. xx

  5. I knew Mick a bit when the band were based in Brixton, London, around 86-87. He was a really genuine warm bloke unaffected by the attempts to find “success”, always totally natural and unaffected, happy to have a laugh and a joke about everything and anything but happiest of all when he was performing, which he seemed to do for the sheer joy of it rather than any need for acclamation.

    Some great memories. Thanks Mick.

  6. I first saw Mick when Mean Features played The Magnet on Pearse St, Dublin, and over the years had many escapades with him in Cork and then London. He was a fun, alive, oddball and I’ll always remember him that way. RIP Mick.

  7. Only just heard about Mick’s sad untimely passing from a recent acquaintance of mine today – whilst we were both chatting nostalgically about the halcyon days of mid-1980s indie – he told me that Mick was fully involved in puppet theatre before Stump decided to regroup….none of which I even knew about because all the ex-members (with the exception of Kev Hopper who went on to have a pretty esoteric solo career in more ways than one) had practically disappeared off the radar since the last time I ever saw any of them (which was at an Edward Barton [there’s another legend for you!] all-star covers project at Manchester’s celebrated Boardwalk club in 1989)…..
    I still have those early 12″ EPs (incidentally, “Quirk Out” was released on their own label Stuff Records, it was “Mud On A Colon” which appeared on the fêted Ron Johnson label – which at the time featured so many amazing acts: A Witness, [the mighty, GODlike] bIG *fLAME [and the spin-off from singer Alan, The Great Leap Forward], MacKenzies, Twang, Shrubs, Jackdaw With Crowbar, etc etc…) which I will always treasure of course. Such a tragic loss. RIP Mick – he was always such an animated, larger than life character back then!


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