On Feb 11th the BBC Radio 2 is to have a celebration of the album and one of the projects is to get musicians ro recreate the first Beatles album by rerecording it in 12 hours like the fab 4 had to do.


These days bands spend 5 years recording albums and then everyone downlaods it for free froma torrent anyway but fifty years ago young group from Liverpoll were expected to record their live set in half a day. The seesion was so frenetic that John Lennon lost his voice recording the powerful Twist and Shout where his screams were the harbingers of the excitment of the sixties.


Whether Mick Hucknall and the Stereophonics can get anywhere near this kind of intensity is a moot point but they are are to attempt to record the fabs debut album in 12 hours as part of BBC Radio 2’s celebration of ‘The Golden Age Of The Album’ later this year.


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