Mick Farren- counterculture hero RIPMick Farren- one of the leading lights in the UK sixties counter culture has died at the age of 69.


He collapsed shortly after playing a gig at London’s Borderline club with his band the Deviants.


Farren was born in Cheltenham and moved to London where he was a key part of the late sixties undergound with his white afro hair that made him look like the ultimate rock n roll droog.

His band the Deviants released three albums and a brace of solo records before concentrating on writing as a journalist and an author, writing for the undergound press and eventually the NME- where he wrote the famous article, ‘ The Titanic Sails At Dawn’, an analysis of what he considered the malaise afflicting then-contemporary rock music and which described the conditions that subsequently resulted in punk

He then went on to write 23 novels in a prolific writing career.


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