Michaël Gulliver Vidon: Global Cafe, Reading – comedy review

Michaël Gulliver Vidon

Global Cafe, Reading 

The fantastic Global Cafe of Central Reading is a haven of endless entertainment, socially aware education and an array of alcohol. One recent find at the Solidarity Centre has been towering French funny man, Michaël Gulliver Vidon.

Affectionately named Gulliver due to his gigantic form, Michaël animates the back end of the venue with the premise of time travel, claiming to have been granted a time travel VISA from the future under the authority of the Speech Sanitation Division. Michaël has come to study our means and methods of communication, hurled from a world of binary, abbreviation and the use of only literal and efficient speech, he is fascinated and confused by our flowery and ambiguous use of English.

Using his bilingual talents to poke what is sometimes strange fun at the way we communicate and exist, both from a French and future perspective, Michaël gives a delightfully engaging warm up show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Overall, this was a magnificently courageous endeavour into a deconstruction of language and life without a single ounce of tedium, but instead fantastic interactivity which was accentuated by a charming rookie naivety. It’s hoped that he becomes stranger still in future works and we see a new element of surrealism from the friendly giant.


See Michaël Gulliver Vidons website here. He will be performing this summer at Venue 428, Cortado Coffee On The Mile (244 Canongate, EH8 8AB, Edinburgh) / from 11th to 24th (not on 18th) at 13.35.

All words by Halima Amin. More from Halima can be found at her LTW Author Archive.

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