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Michael Aston returns to the UK with Gene Loves Jezebel’s LAST EVER UK TOUR!

The Situation Two 2017 tour will be Michael Aston’s last under the name Gene Loves Jezebel but, in acknowledgement of the massive influence the band has had on alternative/Goth musical history, this tour visits ‘The Situation Two’ years, featuring classics from the ‘Immigrant’ album like, ‘Always a flame’, ‘Cow’, and ‘The Immigrant’.
Along with Guitarist Gabe Treiyer. bassist Andy Cousin (Ex All About Eve, The Mission) and drummer Si Rippin of Grooving In Green (NFD, Nefilim, Eden House), the tour will call in at a venue near you!  Tickets available on ( Get yours before someone else does!

Situation Two Tour dates:
Thursday 27th April 2017, The Fulford Arms, York
Friday 28th April 2017, FAC251, Manchester
Saturday 29th April 2017, The Underground, Bradford
Sunday 30th April 2017, Zanzibar Bar, Liverpool
Monday 1st May 2017, The Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
Tuesday 2nd May 2017, The Audio, Glasgow
Wednesday 3rd May 2017, Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
Thursday 4th May 2017, Asylum 2, Birmingham
Friday 5th May 2017, The Garage, London
Saturday 6th May 2017, The Doghouse, Nottingham

Support bands for the tour:
Grooving in Green (all dates)
Dawn of Elysium (York, Bradford)
The Webb (York)
Gothzilla (Edinburgh, Glasgow)
Wormhead (Cardiff)
The Killbrides (Birmingham)
Luna Lacuna (London)
Diablo Furs (Nottingham)
Death Party UK (Nottingham)

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  1. Glad to see Michael is giving up the game in the UK allowing the real version of GLJ with Jay, James and Peter (who are recording a new album) to get on with the real version of the band rather than karaoke

    • Glad Michael is letting go of the past band name, because when you are a creative person: you don’t need to reply on the coattails of something you did almost and over 30+ years ago.

  2. cant believe that Michael is still trying to keep his version of GLJ going – band doesn’t even feature most of the lineup like his brother Jay, guitarist James, Bugg who featured alongside him in their most successful lineup – hopefully this opens the door for the real GLJ to continue, the one Michael left

    • Can’t believe you are so ignorant. James, Rizzo etc are the ‘LA Gun’s Loves Jezebel’ version.. the 2 records in Michael’s absence were not GLJ records. soft, brain dead rock not even close to glj.

  3. Accidentally saw the Michael version in Milton Keynes a few years ago (thinking it was the superior authentic Jay one), quite frankly a poor imitation of the real GLJ. Totally agree with the karaoke comment above , soiling the band legacy

    • Authentic? you mean inauthentic surely. The essential glj were and are lead by Michael Aston. The version you love died a thousand deaths in bargain bins. Keep it real dude, get the facts not the BS. Michael lead the band from 81 -89 and 97 onwards.Check out the singles, the writing and the live performances. J was a back up singer, always was.

    • accidentally saw? Dude, you accidentally saw the lead singer and prime architect. If you want to see the back up band, go to Lisbon.

  4. Oh cut the crap. Michael’s band are the only thing that keeps glj alive and vital…the bogus and utterely false claim that J rizzo etc were the ‘most succesful version’ are in actual fact, the least succesful glj line up, in terms of sales (pathetic) and utter destruction of the band’s legacy, they suck. jay’s solo glj haven’t made a record or had a record deal in two decades. The most succesful and critically acclaimed glj were led by Michael from Promise to discover..and beyond.Rolling Stone for example RAVED about Exploding Girl. If you wanna hear the heart and sould of GLJ, open your eyes and take the high road.. Truth buries disinformation. Michael has made 3 glj records and all represent the real glj not the gibberish soft rock gibberish of the clowns..

  5. This shit storm never stops. Boring!!! The real GLJ was all about the twins regardless of musicians. So some members have been around longer, so what big fucking deal.
    Two Jezebels for the price of one. Enjoy both!
    As much as I enjoyed House Of Dolls and Kiss Of Life I have to say after the first three albums only Michaels material is closer to the original GLJ sound and that’s a fact!

  6. Michael is and was the true mystical essence of Gene Loves Jezebel.

    Have a listen to his album Love Lies Bleeding, and you tell me what sounds closer to the “original” GLJ sound: Love Lies Bleeding or the other GLJ and their album with the 12″ single that had the ‘Blockheads rip-off riff.

  7. The influence the two Gene loves Jezebel hits Screaming for Emmalene(Lavina Kymilles+King ov Hell Gorgoroth+Abbaths daughter who died) and Bruises had on the darkwave alternative gothic culture is incredible.Featuring Lavina Kymille the beautiful first 1986 wife of Skid Row Sebastian Bach on metal screams/backing vocals described as unholy by Steve Sutherland of Melody Maker even John Peel noted the abrupt departure of this truly talented mysterious seductress.


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