MG8 - High

I don’t usually listen to urban music but when I heard this I thought the message was so positive. Mason is the protagonist behind this incredible project and I just think that the message of Hope and success against adversity is superb and sincere.

The band are being courted by several labels including The Orchard which is the digital wing of Sony and are set to do a collaboration with Melanie Williams of Hacienda classical Fame.

Check it out and see what you think. As I say not my usual style but I was moved by the sentiment behind the lyrics.

Mason the man behind the sound is also composing for a movie score which will be announced in the near future and will be playing live soon with a combination of decks and live musicians which is the way forward when it comes to taking this genre to a new level

Take a look at the video below!

Mike Bennett whose website is here and Wikipedia is here and his author profile is here

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  1. Mr Bennett thanks for throwing this over I really like it

    It’s got a good vibe and I think Melanie will sound brilliant on it Or maybe they should do a track from scratch

    The video could be a bit more choppy but its bloody good

  2. I’m going to play this on my FM show it’s mint

    Already got submitted but it sounds different

    At least it’s fresh. It probably needs mastering though.

    Not a criticism just an observation

  3. An incredibly strong and stand-out track – deft, ingenious rhymes and a rare, down-to-earth honesty that eschews glamour and airbrushed posturing in favour of an unfiltered snap of the predicament of 21st century British youth.

    And a music video featuring a Staffie. What’s not to love!

  4. I think you really need this in radio one. Try Annie Nightingale she plays this kind of stuff

    Mason Who is as talented as fuck needs to push themselves on the different platforms right now thanks for sharing melanie williams you non
    Stop you’re a fucking workaholic

  5. What a great record. If these guys could play live at one of the venues in Manchester perhaps one of the clubs that do the late night DJ slots as well as Live then I think you could go really well

  6. This record is absolutely amazing

    I could imagine it being played on something like one extra

    If they were on the live scene and look like they do on the video they would smash it

  7. I would love to hear more

    I’ve put on loads of stuff at various warehouse parties around Manchester and Liverpool. I’m going to keep an eye on them. Thank you for sharing Vince Vega


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