MERZBOW to release ‘Nezumimochi’ picture disc vinyl & CD…

MERZBOW to release ‘Nezumimochi’ picture disc vinyl & CD…

Cold Spring Records are very proud to announce the labels 200th release…

UK based Cold Spring Records has primarily been a label since 1990, specialising in all forms of extreme media, but particularly: Industrial, Dark Ambient, Black Ambient, Japanese Noise, Neoclassical, Neofolk, Orchestral, Power Electronics, Noise, Minimal, Drone, Doom, Death Industrial, Dark Soundtracks and Experimental music. The label has been responsible for releasing such influential artists as Laibach, Psychic TV, Merzbow, MZ. 412, Z’EV and more;

Now to mark its 200th release they have confirmed the brand new studio album from the King of Japanoise – MERZBOW.

If you are unaware of Merzbow, his own site utilises the description ‘Vegan Straight Edge Noise project by Masami Akita’ – under this banner Akita has released in excess of 350 recordings made up of 276 studio recordings, 73 live recordings and a raft of EP’s, compilations; they come so frequently another will have been announced by the time you have read this article! Back in 2000 Extreme Records (Australia) issued ‘Merzbox’ a 50CD box set, at the other end of the scale Merzbow released ‘Merzcar’ a single CD in an edition of 1 – the sole CD being loaded into the CD player of a Mercedes car which then had the doors welded shut; ‘Merzcar’ sold for $20000!

In addition Akita has written and published 17 books about a variety of subjects including art, avant-garde, and post-modern culture. His more renowned works have been on the topics of BDSM and fetish culture.

The album, entitled ‘Nezumimochi’ comes on a stunning picture disc vinyl and CD pack (not available separately). However, both formats contain exclusive and completely different tracks; the CD isn’t simply a copy of the vinyl.

Over 90 minutes of crunchy, intense noise, complex structures, and hypnotic samples, all with that special Merzbow touch!!

‘Nezumimochi is available for order now…

Recorded this summer, the album is limited to just 500 copies.

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