Merzbow announces ‘Kibako’ limted edition box-set

Merzbow has announced yet another release; this time Masami Akita aka Merzbow assaults our senses with a double CD limited concept box set. Entitled \’Kibako‘ the two CD’s range from extended and powerful harsh noise pieces to ambient and tribal offerings, and demonstrates once again how Merzbow is able to surprise his audience ”“ for this project he utilised tribal wooden instruments, violent analogue synths and ambient soundscapes.

Powerful sound and ambient tribalism battle for your attention. Did you really expect anything else?

The two CD’s are packaged in beautiful card stock packaging with postcards, stickers and \’gadgets’ and is limited to just 299 copies.

CD 1
1. Nigatsu Nijuugonichi
2. Operation Musashi
3. Askayama Shita Moeru
4. Kikoezu Mori (0303)
CD 2
1. Lokijikan
2. fff
3. bbb
4. ststst

There is also a three CD edition, which is packaged in a hand finished wooden box which contains and a certificate of authenticity, original origami, postcards, stickers and \’gadgets’

1. 0707b

\’Kibako’ will be released via the Italian Rustblade label ”“ advance orders are being taken now

A \’teaser’ clip has been uploaded to YouTube


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