If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a one off created by https://www.facebook.com/plasticpassiontoys/timeline then we would be watching a mixture of internet meltdown and joyous celebration.

The plastic figure of Steve Ignorant created for the owner of Plastic Passion toys own collection throws up so many wry smirks and ironic grins that it is quite conveyable that if it ever got put into full production it would become an ironic big seller. of course there is an element of ‘down with this sort of thing’ when it concerns Crass but it’s all pretty cool and we think it’s great in a funny sort of way…

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  1. facially, these stupid action figures bear no resemblance to the person they supposedly depict. very poor.

  2. Er… well apart from not looking anything like him, or being dressed like him, or in fact resembling him in, well, pretty much any way at all really, it’s …um…. well it’s some other action figure dipped in black paint, isn’t it….

  3. mad but funny what a good way to teach the kids all about crass and the way we grew up as a punk in the u.k great band must be better then gi joe and action man anti w@r i could just see the barbie being eve libertine @@@@@


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