Menshevik: Ceasefire – ep reviewMenshevik – Ceasefire EP (Dry Heave Records)


Out 27 January 2014

The collective experience of Menshevik shines through in six well executed hardcore tunes served with a dash of pop punk seasoning on this debut.

For those who aren’t aware, the term “Menshevik” is part of a pair that goes with the more commonly known term “Bolshevik”, the former being a minority section of the Russian Revolutionary movement prior to their overthrow of the Tsar, the latter being the majority.

History lesson over – and that explains the striking Soviet style artwork.

According to their promotional material, Menshevik lay claim to territory inhabited by Poison Idea and Gorilla Biscuits.  Gorilla Biscuits I will just about allow but Poison Idea? Forget it, chumps, you just ain’t that raw. If I were describing Menshevik I’d be more inclinded to say they are in the vein of Ignite meets Snuff, with the addition of that whiny guitar sound adopted by so many “Fat Wreck” bands: hardcore meets pop punk.

Whilst the vocalist follows the pattern of so many US HC bands, the Estuary English accent creeps in here and there which is a refreshing change.  However, there is something in the vocal delivery that annoys the hell out of me, but you may beg to differ.  I can’t accurately describe it but it featured a lot with bands such as Capdown (more on  them later) and that whole “ska-core” scene from around 10 years ago.  They sound as if they are singing with a perpetually surprised expression, mouth wide open but not actually getting as far as shouting.

Personal bugbear aside, the collective experience of the band members shines through in the six well executed tunes on this, their debut. Formerly they played in Vanilla Pod, Whizzwood, Capdown and Mustard City Rockers. I’m not a fan of hype but if you you buy into it, you’d be impressed that the EP was produced with the help of Will McGonagle from Hell is for Heroes in the studio of Larry Hibbet from Hundred Reasons. Keith Minter from Capdown covered mastering duties.

With a tour support lined up already with Killswitch Engage in Ireland and gigs with SNFU in April I am sure we will hear much more from Menshevik.


Menshevik can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Nathan Brown. You can read more from him here

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