Membranes release a special joint single with the Sireen choir









Membranes have released a special version of ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’ from their acclaimed ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ album.

The new version includes the amazing Sireen choir from Estonia that they played the recent legendary gig with in Tallinn. The sold out gig was the first in a series of choir gigs that the band will play across europe this year – the second was the band’s session for the BBC6 music Marc Riley show.

iTunes link for the download single is here

If this link does not work try the Amzon link below or the international iTunes link here

The Amazon link for the download single is here 


The Membranes are touring with Therapy in Feb/March and playing their own headline shows as well as many festivals this spring/summer . Join Membranes Facebook page for all details.



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