The Quietus review

‘There’s not a bad track on this record. And it works. It’s quite brilliant in fact. In fact, I feel pretty bad about not discussing every track in detail, as somehow they all deserve it. One can only guess at what Membranes will do next, but right now they are in a very special place, creatively, and deserve your full attention.’

Whispering and Hollering review

‘The fact is, there isn’t a duff track on here. Sure, the quality of the original versions is a factor, but it’s easy to render a great song shit when tinkering on a remix. There isn’t a single instance of that happening here, making for a remix album that stands up alongside some of the best – like Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Fixed – and more importantly, stands up in its own right.’


State (leading culture website in Ireland) review

‘Dark, trippy, grove laden Odyssey from The Membranes and friends  – there are few boundaries in their creative process – those that do exist are hopped over or broken down.’


The Quietus story on Clint Mansell remix for the album  

‘tQ is proud to premiere a track taken from the soon to be released remix project, by Clint Mansell, which reworks material from their Dark Matter / Dark Energy album.’


‘The Zine’ review here



2016 live reviews

Great live review from Rockaway beach festival here

Great live review from Killing Joke support Nov 2017 here

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