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Membranes play their biggest Manchester show on Saturday April 29th with the 20 piece BIMM choir and a special light show that combines some visual effects from the people who do massive Attack’s light show and the membranes own specially made Universe Explained film.

There is also a great bill of their friends playing with Brix and the Extricated, Evil Blizzard, the Nightingales, Dub Sex, The Blinders, An Empty Page.


17.05 – 17.25 The Empty Page
17.35 – 17.55 The Blinders
18.05 – 18.30 Dub Sex
18.40 – 19.20 The Nightingales
19.30 – 20.10 Evil Blizzard
20.20 – 21.00 Brix and the Extricated
21.10 – 21.50 Membranes (+ choir)

1. Gig Ticket £11…from here

2. Tickets available on wegottickets from here

3. Gig Ticket plus CD of Membranes acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy double album…£16…from here.

4. Gig Ticket plus CD of Membranes plus just released Inner Space/Outer Space remix of the whole of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy double album…£16…from here


Membranes are playing the biggest gig of their history. (Join the Membranes facebook page)

After the band’s successful return after 26 years with the acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy double album and many great festival gigs the band have opted to play their favourite venue in Manchester before they start work on recording the follow up to their stunning comeback album.

The gig is at the Manchester Ritz on Saturday April 29th and will feature the Membranes playing with their 25 piece BIMM choir and a special film about the universe and a unique light show designed by the team who created the award winning Massive Attack lights.

The gig is a special night with the Membranes sharing the stage with many of their friends  including…


Brix and The Extricated new single soon from ex Fall members who combine Brix’s ear for great melody with the Hanley brothers grinding Fall groove Rhythm section!
Evil Blizzard – tripped out meeting between Hawkwind and PiL with 4 bass layers one drummer and lots of rubber masks – terrifying dark humour
The Nightingales – best line up ever sees the band at a stunning dislocated high point with acidic acerbic lyrics and a hypnotic brilliant drummer
Dub Sex – impassioned brilliance from Mark Hoyle’s Manchester classic band
The Blinders – young band who are supporting Cabbage on tour – Cabbage called then the best nw band in the country….
The Empty Page – another new band – Manchester band ‘Big smiles, wonky tunes, sweet harmonies, nervous energy and a layer of fuzzy noise. Debut album Unfolding OUT NOW!’




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