Mefjus: Contemporary – EP reviewMefjus: Contemporary EP (Critical Music)

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After quality EPs from Emperor and Foreign Concept earlier this year, the Critical Music crew prove once again they’re ahead of the game with a mind-bending release that is set to destroy floors around the globe.

The appropriately titled Contemporary EP sets even higher standards for the Austrian whiz kid Mefjus, awarded best new DnB producer in 2012, delivering four brand new tracks that are a sweeping display of mastery when it comes to design-absorbing soundscapes. With a strong influence from dark sci-fi these methodically engineered beats are cold and techy, but they somehow manage to build peaks of great intensity, much in the way of a cinematic soundtrack.

Shogun Audio’s Icicle joins Mefjus on the title track, one of the most spectacular DnB productions I’ve ever heard, as the two demonstrate an attention to detail that is beyond words. Layers of ominous synths create a dense yet dynamic texture that constantly mutates and twists around high-powered beats, creating a spine-tingling monster that already received early support from Friction himself. Watch the official video and see for yourself what all the hype is


On the flip, it’s all about relentless percussive sounds with Dissuade. From the permanent stabbing bass line to the variations in the snare drum sample, this is the closest thing to plugging a pneumatic drill into your sound system. Unlike Contemporary, vocal samples and lead synthesizers act more as a dressing than a driving force, which lies in the rhythmic foundation of the track.

In the rare chance that this wasn’t enough to convince you, there are two more tracks to complete the package.  Leakproof, with a relatively laidback approach, and Mob Rule, a glitchy halfstep number that could be Mefjus’s nod to his early days of hip-hop instrumentals. These are digital exclusives, but vinyl-heads need not worry; as usual with Critical, along with your wax you’ll get a download voucher that gives you the full release in digital format at no additional cost. Aren’t these guys nice?



Mefjus is on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter as @martinmefjus

Icicle is on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter as @iciclemusic

Critical Music can be found on their official site, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter as @criticalmusic


All words by Favio Overclock. More by Favio can be read on Louder Than War here. Favio can be found on Twitter as @thisisoverclock.

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