Even-The-Odd-Ones-OutME: Even The Odd Ones Out (Lizard King Records)
25th Feb 2013

A distinct excitement surrounds the release of Australian four-piece rock band, ME’s, debut album ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’. Alana Turk reviews it for Louder Than War.

Having already built up a sizeable fanbase in the UK after touring with the likes of Kasabian, Twin Atlantic and Motion City Soundtrack, ME seem to be causing quite a stir within the music industry. Emanating a very fresh sound which also echoes bands from the past, such as Queen and Led Zeppelin, the band have previously been described as “glam pop metal”… and I can’t say I disagree with this statement.

When discussing the chosen title for their debut album, vocalist Luke Ferris said: “The album title is a reference to the way we feel about our sound in the current musical environment. Theatrical rock is not really at the fore, or being explored by many other bands these days, hence the band feeling that way.” It is true that ME have brought about a rather unique style of music, by todays standards at least.

The album opens with ‘Hoo Ha’, a brilliant example of the kind of unique sound we can expect to hear from ME throughout the record. Theatrical and caberet-esque tones are entangled with soaring vocal harmonies and rich, yet subtle, guitar riffs – a superb opening track indeed. The tempo of ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’ slows down with second track ‘Trails In The Sky’, the simplicity of which only confirms that Ferris’ dominant vocal range is something robust and genuine.

The band strip down to classic 70’s rock for ‘Like A Fox’, with the inclusion of a kick-ass riff and high pitched wailing that Freddie Mercury would have been proud of. ‘Westward Backwards’ is reminiscent of the big dramatic number you’d expect to hear in a rock ‘n’ roll pantomime (in a good way, of course!). Lead single ‘Vampire!! Vampire!!’, on the other hand, seems to be of a slightly different texture and magnitude to the rest of the album and is very direct and to the point. Proving they are very keen and brave in their experimentation, the four-piece offer up a mix of ethereal choir harmonies and blazing orchestral movements during ‘Choral’.

Bursting with originality, ME appear to have pulled off this grander style rather well. It is refreshing to see a band who are not afraid to break away from conventional genres and to try something new and majestic. If you’re looking for quirky, modern melodies with elements of classic rock, then this album is certainly for you!


ME’s website is here. They’re also on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter.

All words by Alana Turk. More of Alana’s writing for Louder Than War can be found here.

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