The documentary about the MC5, MC5 – A True Testimonial, is readying for release.
Seven years in the making the film by Chicago natives, David C. Thomas, Laurel Legler and the hard-working Future/Now Films production crew have assembled a remarkable documentary about one of the greatest ever rock n roll bands.

MC5 – A True Testimonial would go on to preview at film festivals around the world, consistently playing to SRO crowds, receiving tremendous acclaim and rave reviews. But on the eve of release, the film was halted due to an unfortunate dispute over the ownership of the MC5’s music publishing. After an exhaustive four year legal engagement the film makers emerged victorious, bowed but unbroken, and the requisite music licenses are now available.

Which leaves one final hurdle to clear before the film’s official release.

And that’s exactly what this mission is about, overcoming that one last obstacle, securing the music synchronization licenses and immediately unleashing this brilliant, long overdue film. Theatrical screenings could begin as early as May provided we take care of business and prove how much this documentary means to us.



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