Matt Loveridge Unveils Team Brick Box Set

Bristol polymath Matt Loveridge (Beak>, Fairhorns, MXLX) has recently uploaded a bumper sixty-track digital box set focusing on his work as Team Brick. Covering the period between 2002-2010 the collection is an exhaustive and diverse set that encompasses Drone, Noise, Improvisations, Hardcore, and Avant-Pop.

A thoroughly absorbing listen, the whole collection can be purchased for as little as £5 from Matt’s Kindarad Bandcamp page and streamed in entirety via this embed:

With news of a new album from Matt under his Fairhorns pseudonym, and a film soundtrack by Beak> (of which Matt is one third along with Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and Billy Fuller, (Robert Plant’s bass player) and about which we will bring you details as soon as we receive them) this is set to be another busy year for Matt. This box-set is the perfect way to start it.

Matt has one of the more entertaining Twitter accounts you’ll find, you can find him there using the handle @timetemple. He also does words on occasion on Tumblr.

*Photo above by Gavin Mecaniques.

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  1. What absolute drivel. Painfully dreadful dirge that try-hard trendy idiots pretend to like because they think it makes them look arty and alternative. In reality, this is less enjoyable than dental torture. try doing something really worthwhile Matt – learn to play an instrument.

  2. had a listen to the preview above and can honestly say this is utter crap. Just hitting a synth with some bits of wood is not music, Matt

  3. Geoff Barrow is a good musician but he isn’t half easily taken in by these con men who have twigged that if they make some dreadful racket that tries its hardest to be ‘difficult’ he will sign them to his label. The lesson is : be like team brick, just make some awful noise by hitting things with your head and trendy idiots will pretend to like it.


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