Matt Finucane: Glow In The Dark (Self Released)
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Offbeat art-pop artist from Brighton Matt Finucane released his new album ”˜Glow in the Dark’ 10 days ago. Adrian Bloxham has been listening to it for us & concludes that, despite being a bit off the wall, it’s an album that deserves to be heard.

This album is discordant and grating. It is listed on Soundcloud as Art Rock. It sounds to me like a great big step away from the mainstream, even the underground, and a nod to the likes of Lou Reed and especially David Bowie whose influence spreads across this sound.

The noise that Matt makes is ever so slightly skewed. On the album opener ”˜Into It’ the hissing behind the guitar makes you feel like you are inside a crumpled up paper bag. The song feels threatening and hard. ”˜Hard Science’ (see video below) boogies along like a fuzzed out Seventies glam anthem. Matt’s voice is soft and understated, making this song far more upbeat then the first. ”˜Face of Stone’ is where the sound twists around and sounds out of tune and discordant, like a slowed down and tranquilised Sonic Youth, the noise shouldn’t fit together but it does. It sprawls and loses its way until it just stops, starts and then finishes. ”˜Impermanence’ uses this discordance and builds on it. It’s hard to listen to as it does just sound like a collection of noises thrown together with Matt singing over the top. ”˜Larkin’ is percussion led, drums and handclaps to the same tempo as the last song with another Bowie like creepy croon.

”˜Great Beginnings’ is a more structured song, with strumming guitar and sweeping snare drums. It’s Matt’s voice that jars. The spoken word sections move the song away from the ordinary and disturbs the melody, with instruments doodling on their own. It seems like tempo change for the sake of it and it makes for uneasy listening. ”˜Doom Vibes’ is equally unsettling but more for the melody and vocals. They are dark and hungry, as if they are going to leap out and bite you. If this was a movie it would be the bit where the babysitter goes down into the basement…

”˜In the Marketplace’ is gentle strumming and a gentle voice. There’s a dark humour behind the words ”˜we’re all grownups here..’ The slow, laid back approach carries on with ”˜Love Unknown’, the sound drawing from The Velvet Underground at their most delicate. ”˜Nemesis #2′ is a little louder and a little faster. Matt’s voice less of a croon and more of a drawl. ’11 Year Old Poison’ is another horror film soundtrack. With noises like a tree tapping on the window and the sense of Matt creeping up on someone. His voice a whispering croon ”˜It’s like marching to The Scaffold’ and the music moving towards you like a black shape in the night.

Alter Ego Hi-Way has fuzzy guitars and a myriad of other sounds making this tune work. A mixture of sticks hitting each other, noodling guitar, out of focus bass and Matt’s croon. The last song Cast Off Yr Mask is solo acoustic so you geta chance to hear what Matt sounds like before he makes everything else clash with each other. It’s a fine song, and loses nothing for being warm, alone and sung over one guitar. A good way to finish the record, no pretense and no hiding.

This album jars at me, makes me wince and look over my shoulder. It’s discordant to the point of the guitars sounding out of tune, but there’s a whole bunch of bands that have done that for years. I think that Matt has looked inside himself to make this record and as he made it is smiling. Because that is what makes it so honest, the humour behind making me feel uncomfortable, the art of noises on top of noises to unsettle the listener.

Matt has created an odd, outside any box I know of, record that really should be heard by many many people.

If you’d like to hear the album on full head off to this Soundcloud page.

Matt’s website can be found here & he’s on Twitter as @Matt_Finucane. And finally the album can be downloaded vis his Bandcamp page here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.


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