Math The Band: Stupid and Weird – album review

Math The Band – Stupid and Weird (anchorbrain)


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Math The Band describe themselves as an electro-punk spazz duo, their new album is out now and Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening

When I first played this I was truly lost for words. Stupid and Weird is catchy as hell. It’s a full on head rush of punky party adrenalin and appears to have been made on broken keyboards and old games machines. This could be the best album you ever heard in the world or it could be an amateurish shambles that you can’t get your head around. For the record I think its ace!

In their words Math the Band describe themselves as an ‘electro-punk spazz duo from Providence, RI.  They use a combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and energy drinks to make the fastest, loudest, most party-est music they can imagine. They’ve only cracked their head open on stage ONCE.’ I can’t sum it up any better than that really.

The first seven songs sound like they have got a pint of full fat coke, added a scoop of cheap icecream, sprinkle some space dust into it and swigged it back before it explodes, then followed that with three mars bars and a tablespoon full of sugar, then had a gulp of really cheap and nasty full of E numbers orange squash and then exploded in a sugar additive head rush. It’s like all your favourite punk bands have been thrown into a room and made to fight it out with xylophones and sega machines, it’s like Hawkwind and Motorhead have been made to wear dayglo and tutus. I am trying to describe it but words are again failing me.


‘BFFU’ is a full on anger attack with its refrain of “I’d rather punch you in the face!!!” ‘Find a Way’ is bouncing around the room catchy. They even get Wheatus to guest on ‘Stupid and Weird’ which sounds exactly like you think it does. ‘I Ate The Mold’ sounds like Kraftwerk’s bratty kid trying to play punk. They are all brilliant.

The last four songs are darker, slower and really emotive. ‘Hocus Bogus’ is almost Goth and ‘Going Back to School pts I & 2’ starts with a rush of computer game race music, and then morphs into a low and steady electro shuffling beat with an insanely catchy hook.

But even then it’s not over, the last bonus track is a cover of ‘BFFU’ by Peelander-Z who, for those of you not familiar with them, are a ‘Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander’, at least that’s what they say. It’s an acoustic punk thrash. An utterly brilliant way to end the album.

I’m still spinning after writing and listening to this. It is utterly mental in a bubblegum punk catchy as a cold fashion. It will render you speechless too, get listening.


Math the Band’s website can be found here, you can buy the album on bandcamp here, they are also on Facebook here and can be found on Twitter as @MathTheBand

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.

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