The corruption that has blighted football has apparently now begun to infect rock n roll.


With tales of thrown games, fake red cards and other Skullduggery football is now on its knees but the focus is now on strange occurrences in music when previously costent performers suddenly went off the rails. People are now asking are these betting syndicates to blame for some of the most bizarre occurrences in music like Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait, most Rolling Stones post 1979 output, Neil Young’s Trans album or the Beatles Let It Be- premership level musical giants who suddenly lost form making red card records and lose all sense of direction and that natural sure touch that they had before.


Like a footballer getting himself sent off or a rock solid defence suddenly letting four goals in these records are just a few examples of strange occurrences that have the mark of the betting syndicates all over them. In mysterious Far East counturesmatch fixing probe investigates dodgy album releases in rock music millions chnage hands as punters bet on the quality of rock dinosaurs next releases and it’s an easily corruptible system.


Journalists secretly filmed famous musicans in a secret set up as they were swayed by a Far East syndicate who were taking bets on the group’s next releases. Whether it was for a sudden curveball track on a classic album- the misplaced few minutes of music that everyone skips over or a sudden clanger of an album or the sudden departure of a key member from a classic line up like Reni from the Stone Roses.



Attempts to bribe Gary Barlow into making a great solo album apparently failed though and the rumours that DJ Cambell was arrested because they thought he was disc jockey are  open to conjecture.


The investigation is on going…




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