Martin Rossiter: Live At The Unitarian Church, Brighton – album review

Martin Rossiter ‘Live At The Unitarian Church, Brighton’
DL only
Released 24th April 2013

The resurrection of St Martin has been a long-time second-coming. As forthright frontman of Gene he strutted the live circuit and charts for many years and frankly, the world should be glad he’s back in all his pomp and glory. About time too, we need some intelligence about the place. His recent jaw-droppingly stunning debut solo The Defenestration Of… album gave the wider public exposure into his newly paired-down passions last year and now he’s allowed us a more intimate glimpse of earlier progress via this download live set recorded in Brighton a couple of years ago. It was May Day 2011 when workers were serenaded by the uplifting tones and caustic tongue of Martin Rossiter, the lucky lucky blighters…

If you’ve loved and maddeningly hit that play again button over-and-over after the last notes of Defenestration in the past months then do I really need to tell you this is more of the same? It is and in a GOOD way. What you’ll hear is the base of said debut solo; ‘Three Points On A Compass’, ‘I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone’, ‘Drop Anchor’, ‘My Heart’s Designed For Pumping Blood’ (“and sod all else” which I don’t believe for a minute Martin), ‘Where There Are Pixels’ and lighter moment ‘I Must Be Jesus’, this latter song still lacking it’s required audience sing-along and general arms-in-the-air-waving – do hope people will get it soon. There are also amazing versions of Gene classics’ ‘Somewhere In The World’, ‘Is It Over’, ‘Olympian’ and ‘Speak To Me Someone’. All framed by rich percussive piano, such a perfect simple accompaniment to the many scenes Martin plays out with his voice. Good, hearty, you’ll want to do nothing else but, LISTEN material.


Owners of ‘The Defenestration Of St Martin need no excuse to purchase and cherish this pure emotive performance but if toes haven’t been dipped into solo Rossiter waters yet then have a wee paddle here before diving off the deep end. I’m sure Martin will always throw you a life-buoy if you get into trouble. At least I think he will? Yes, he will, and you WILL end up buying both.

Buy Live At The Unitarian Church only at Martin Rossiter Bandcamp

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