Martin Bramah top 10 favourite albums : number 4

4. Iggy Pop: The Idiot.

This one was an instant hit with me – the record I’d been waiting for – the impossible album!

Iggy & The Stooges at this point were a spent force – history – expect no more music.

And then… Iggy Pop is reborn as the European Son: The Idiot!

He’s the herald of black clouds on the horizon, painting pictures of a monochrome world, heavy with desperation, but in which the human heart still beats – and ‘FUN’ is it’s battle cry!

The idiot thinks for himself, he is not a part of ‘the system’, his mind is not conditioned by the powers that be – he’s a pain in the arse – ‘that fucking idiot!’.

A great album, you’ll either love it or hate it the first time you hear it.

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