Martin Bramah top 10 favourite albums : number 3


3. David Bowie: Diamond Dogs.

In which the artist invites you to partake of his coked-out paranoid yet deeply lucid vision of a terrible/enchanting future/now.

I was a big Bowie fan in the early ’70s – I saw his Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane tours – but by the time this album came out I was moving on to other things. Nonetheless I bought a copy, and my first impressions were that it had a couple of good rockers on there but the rest of it was not really grabbing me…

Looking back now, this is one of his best albums to listen to as an album.

Great song writing and musical arrangement. The ideas that are threaded through it are still thought provoking today.

Another case for allowing music some time to reveal its depths!

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