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Occasionally mainstream media allows in a maverick and free thinker. It’s rare but it’s always wonderful to hear one of the righteous voices. Mark Thomas somehow managed to do this, make you think and also laugh at the same time.Born Clifford Thomas on 11 April 1963, Mark is an English comedian, presenter, political satirist and journalist from south London.

He made his name with situationist stunts that made a perfect point and is a pop culture multi media guerrilla.

He is also steeped in music culture and took a few minutes out of changing the world to give us his top 20 favourite albums…an impossible task for anyone deeply in love with the high decibels. ‘I could only mange to get it down to 20 and frankly this has been really weird…’ he told us before sending over a great list…

In no particular order… (with part 2 of his list here)

1. The Fall – Marshall Suite

2. Iggy Pop – TV Eye

3.Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – Indestructible

4. Sonic Youth -Goo

5. Sonic Youth – Sister

6. Holy Fuck- Holy Fuck

7. Thelonious Monk – Genius of Modern Music Vol 1 and 2

8. Dr Feelgood -Stupidity

9. The Clash – The Clash

10. Charles Mingus- Ah Um

Part 2 of Mark Thomas list is here here)

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