6.Creation Rebel Starship Africa (Starship Africa part one)
Really wanted to include Adrian Sherwood,and he’s making lots of worthy stuff right now,with collaborator,Pinch.I’d say just dive in and investigate.This dark,trippy masterwork has been a great friend to me and is a wonderful introduction to the moodier side of On-U Sounds.

Part one of Mark Hoyle’s top 10 favourite albums are here

7.Holger Czukay Movies (Oh Lord,Give us More Money)
I love Can,and the various collaborations with the likes of Jah Wobble,and Eno,and a gazillion others,but this album,along with Byrne and Eno’s ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ really pointed towards the future,all clever cut-ups and found sound collages.There’s nothing like blasting out ‘Persian Love’ on a sunny day for clearing the cobwebs.

8 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks (Submission)
No explanation needed.It’s impossible to overestimate the impact of the Pistols.Changed the world.

9 The Slits Cut (New Town)
More Dennis Bovell,and another lifetime favourite.Saw the Slits lots supporting the Buzzcocks,but it was a different kettle of fish that emerged here,with Budgie replacing Palmolive.Guillotine sharp,and relevant from start to finish,with Mr. Bovell in dynamic,hands on form. Brilliant.

10. Wire Chairs Missing (Heartbeat)
The first three Wire albums rule,and even though,as a band,they still have their moments today,there is nothing to touch the explosion of intelligence and incisiveness of this, their second album. Witty,real,sparse and energetic,with a sprinkling of stone cold classics like ‘I am the Fly’ and the mainstream-bothering ‘Outdoor Miner’,it will not fail you. The masterpiece that is ‘Heartbeat’,and the gathering storm that is ‘Mercy’ display control and skill,and the whole album’s simplicity shouts at you.Loud. ”

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  1. i couldn’t complain about any of that little lot…as mine would be very similar in spirit, if not in actual choices (if that makes sense…)…

    Sherwood doesn’t get enough praise for all the stuff he’s done, but maybe that’d be impossible now, given the amount of releases he’s been involved in…ATV were a primary influence on me and my circle of Eric’s going matinee kids too…’Persian Love’ is just awesome….’NMTB,HTSP’, yep totally…and i believe ‘Chairs Missing’ is Mr. Newman’s favourite…who could argue…???

    nice choices Mark and more Dub Sex gigs please…!!!


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