Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) RIP

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Mark Hollis, the driving force behind the highly influential UK band Talk Talk has died at the age of 64. The band who bridged the gap between new romantic and post rock resculpted the musical landscape with a series of remarkable releases.


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42 comments on “Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) RIP”

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  1. What? No!!!

  2. Such a sad loss and a great songwriter up there with the best RIP

  3. Your beautiful music and lyrics will keep you alive, Mark.
    An old friend.

  4. Very sad news RIP Mark Hollis

  5. No way this is not happening. Cannot believe this news. The last thing I was expecting. :(

  6. Michael Anthony Worry

    So sad! Love Talk Talk.

  7. Such a loss
    RIP Mark

  8. FAKE HOAX – he already died in the early nineties from drugs…

  9. So sad. Just arrived at the hotel in London and heard the bad news. He was a genius.

  10. Stunned to hear this. Their music has easily stood the test of time. How sad RIP Mark

  11. So sad, must be twenty years since we had a kick about n a beer. I’m proud to have known you mate. Happy Staningfield Red House days.

  12. What is the source of this news flash?

  13. Absolutely gutted to hear this.

    I loved his vocals and his song-writing was just amazing.

    Their songs are more iconic now than ever…

  14. Mari
    Thanks for everythimg you d made , your lírics and music.
    Beatifull person!!!
    Rest in peace

  15. Thank for your lirycs and music mark!!
    Sad news today
    Rest in peace !!
    Sensitive and beatifull person!!!

  16. Today i am so sad ….words cannot express my empty heart ..RIP Mark Hollis taken from us so early !!

  17. Source please!

  18. Loved his songs.
    And the guitar solo on this always slayed me…

  19. Stunned!!
    R.I.P. Mark Hollis.
    Spirit of Eden & Laughing Stock will never be equalled.

  20. James McLoughlin

    For me at least… Big Hole In The World Today

  21. Hard to believe and to accept.
    He was so deep and structured. I loved his songs and voice.
    May his soul be bright forever.

  22. So sad …one of my favourite bands…used to have their albums on continual repeat…much loved…much missed. RIP

  23. As the title of Talk Talk’s first album mentions….The Party’s Over….loved the track It’s So Serious, which was also the b side to Today their second single back in 1982. R.I.P.

  24. Patrick Greening

    A Loss , A Spirit

  25. Talk Talk still sound unique to this day.
    This is yet another tragedy for music.
    I just hope his passing will spark interest within a new generation of listener and influence the next wave of talent.
    God bless you Mark.
    R.I.P x

  26. Ciao Mark!
    l’Italia ti ha amato, l’Italia ti ricorderà.
    (Italy has loved you, Italy will never forget you)

    Riposa in pace

  27. This man did not compromise once.

  28. Vincent Paul Shanley

    Bloody Hell !! Can’t believe it. Too young. It’s my life one of my favourite songs. Loved Talk Talk.

  29. Very sad to hear.
    R.I.P. Mark.XX

  30. I deeply upset at the death of Mark Hollis. Are there pics of his family. Hopefully in a good way his fans will be told the cause of death which I personally think it may have been cancer. However he has definitely made an impression on me. Rip

  31. So sad. Mark you will stay in our thoughts…

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