We ran an interview over the weekend with Adam Ant’s writing partner of 20 years, Marco Pirroni (see here) We’ve since acquired some photo’s from the same session taken by Robert Minter. Originally these were just going to accompany the interview but as the photo’s were so good & as we received them a day after the interview ran we decided to run them separately.

Before the photo’s here’s a few words from Robert himself about the session with Johnny Normal (interviewer) & Marco Pirroni:

“Meeting one legend is good enough but spending the day with two really is the icing on my camera’s cake. Marco and Johnny were relaxed and affable, like old friends chewing the fat over a pint after work. Capturing their spirit was a cakewalk, nothing forced, nothing arranged. Marco is a perfect subject and, like his talents, generous and honest, both easy going and calm. Within a week the photos have gained awards from national publications, but in reality the shoot was a winner from the start as I was merely the portal for Marco’s natural beauty!”


copyright Robert Minter

copyright Robert Minter

copyright Robert Minter

copyright Robert Minter

copyright Robert Minter


    • What an incredibly rude, childish comment. I can’t believe it hasn’t been deleted. Marco Pirroni is a music legend and I’ve read repeatedly what a nice guy he is. And, Dotty, I suppose you’re Angelina Jolie’s twin?

      To Louder Than War: You need to moderate the comments sections of your articles. I am truly appalled by what I have read here.

  1. Really? I thought it was informative,fun, well written and also a good insight into the man’s thoughts… give me an example of an interview you think isn’t boring

    • Yes really I found it boring – my opinion was that it was overlong, sycophantic and dull in the extreme. Most other interviews I’ve read on here have been much more intriguing. Pick any of them.

  2. Thanks for the comments, good and bad. Terry, sorry you didn’t like it. The overall response has been very good. Marco was honest and genuine with the answers. I openly admit in the piece that I was a huge fan of Adam and the Ants… although I am happy that this was a balanced interview and the answers were not rehearsed… just a natural response in a relaxed conversation.

  3. Terry… you’re a jumped up c**t mate. Not brave enough to say who you are eh? Your opinion? Nobody’s interested…are you Oscar Wilde then, you t**t? Hide behind your email then!

  4. Show yourself Terry. Your comments are the work of a pretentious, self-obsessed sloth. Dull? … w****r. Go get a job and a life at the same time. Nice interview.

  5. Is Terry Adam Ant in disguise? ;-) I enjoyed the interview, there hasn’t been enough Marco interviews over the years, so it’s always nice to hear from the guy who is often left in Adam’s shadow otherwise it’s always about Adam coz he’s so dreamy. Without Marco Adam and the Ants wouldn’t have made their mark on the early 80’s music scene and that’s a fact!

  6. Seriously why the abuse for what was an honest opinion? I respect Mr Normal for coming back with a decent reply but I wouldn’t have enlarged on my first comment without pushing from Rob Minter.

    I’m glad that other people got something out of the interview that I didn’t. To AA and SJones grow up!

      • Bit silly threatening on here isn’t it? “Hiding behind an email” eh well if you have that perhaps you could do me the honour of contacting me via it and we can sort this out face to face?

  7. Terry, If you don’t like something there are ways of expressing your opinion without causing offence. It was an unscripted interview and in fact more of a conversation than an interview. Johnny did a very good job of teasing out the answers. A very natural piece. Nice work and wonderfully enigmatic (indeed award-winning) photos from Robert Minter.

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  9. Even the most minor criticism of Marco will not be tolerated by his sycophants, it seems. He was a great guitarist, but he’s never been a looker, even his best friends would admit that, surely? And this interview is way too long, too rambling, should have been cut by half. His bitterness and jealousy of Adam seeps out all the way through IME.


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