One Little Indian, now celebrating its 30th year as one of the country’s foremost independent record labels, will be releasing Marc Carroll’s 7th studio album, ‘Love Is All or Love Is Not At All’ on 6th November. Stream the first track off it – a collaboration with poet, author, philosopher and legendary musician, Penny Rimbaud from seminal and continually influential band, Crass – above.

Following 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Stone Beads And Silver’ and the 2014 release of re-mastered and expanded editions of his first four albums, Marc Carroll’s 7th studio album, ‘Love Is All or Love Is Not At All’ is due out on 6th November.

The title track is a collaboration with poet, author, philosopher and legendary musician, Penny Rimbaud, who you’ll know from his work with the seminal and continually influential band, Crass. In a similar vein is the accompanying subtly subversive artwork designed by Gee Vaucher, responsible for the iconic Crass artwork – check it out below…

Love Is Artwork

Said title track, “Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All”, is an inspiring meditation on the nature of love itself and is spoken, sung and written by Penny for the album. The track is quite meditative in essence, building from a sung introduction by Penny which them switches to being spoken work. The whole is played over looping, pensive guitar work, perfectly accompanying the passion in the words. Finally Penny switches back to sing the words “Love Is All” which serve as the cue to pass over to the final spoken word section which naturally begins “Or Love Is Not At All”.

Says Marc about the collaboration:

“Everything about Penny and Gee resonates with me, their art, words, sense of humour. Their life’s work has influenced millions. And it has been a life’s work. It’s a beautiful story that is still lived out to this day. Quite simply, there is no authority but yourself.”

Says Penny about the collaboration:

“What’s my connection with Marc? A sense of love. What kind of sense is that? Common sense. It’s all in the title, Love is… All.”

Love Is All or Love Is Not At All is due out via One Little Indian on 6th November. It will be a 2 x LP (with exclusive print and postcard by Gee Vaucher) and will be released as a CD and digitally.

The album can be pre-ordered from One Little Indian’s website now.

Marc Carrol can be found online here: and his page on One Little Indian’s website is here: You can also find Marc on Facebook.


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