A wet, dark, miserable Sunday night – some may say typical for Salford. What we needed was something uplifting – something to swipe away the effects of the awful weather and the prospect of another Monday morning into complete irrelevance.

Marc Almond did it.

This was a gig that I only found out about hours earlier and nothing would stop me from being there. All those old songs, all the rave reviews…I had to be there.

The crowd was young, old, gay, straight, punk, alternative…it was a truly eclectic mix of people that had come to witness the genius of Marc Almond and they would not be disappointed.

Referring to himself as “The Punk Glam Rock and Roll King of Easy Listening”, Almond took us on a spectacular journey through time, showing us why he has become a real legend. The emotions were battered as he performed old classics, some not so well known songs and even a few covers by way of tribute to departed legends. HAPPY HEART – his dedication to Andy Williams – was brilliant and won him a standing ovation from the delighted crowd. His final song, HOT LOVE, was for Marc Bolan, who would have been 65 that day. The best cover though was that massive hit, SOMETHING’S GOTTEN HOLD OF MY HEART – a song he made famous again with Gene Pitney after Pitney had made it a hit years before. It’s my favourite and he delivered it with the majesty and emotion is so deserves.

IF YOU GO AWAY warrants special mention. The emotion was intense – almost uncomfortable – as Almond presented the pleasure and the pain, the delight and despair, the hope and the misery that the song describes. A wonderful performance.

The whole set was littered with breathtaking performances, including all those old classics. The Lowry crowd were on their feet for PEARLY SPENCER, JACKY, BEDSITTER, TAINTED LOVE and of course, the “sing-along-a-Marc” which is SAY HELLO WAVE GOODBYE.

For a gig that I didn’t know about and wasn’t expecting to be at, this was up there with one of the best this year, maybe ever. Go and see Marc Almond. I will be.

Lawrence Chapple-Gill – Manchester


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  1. I was at Lowry with my bro and his partner and my hubby..being a fan for 30 this concert was not to be missed.Has u say amazing night…I was among them all dancing with strangers arms around people ive never met before…truely amazing.and to top it off we met him back stage…got a long awaiting photo,hes a very special guy,my hubby said ,,( hes got a cracking voice for a little guy),,he was glad i dragged him along…hope he recovers well and hope to see him live again soon..x denise..


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