Manic Street Preachers Have Announced More ‘The Holy Bible’ UK Shows For 2015Additional shows for Manic Street Preachers, who’ll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their third album ‘The Holy Bible’ by playing it in full live, have been announced. Tickets go onsale Friday 12th December 2014 at 9:00am so make sure to look lively then!

When Manic Street Preachers announced they would be playing some very special shows celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their third album ‘The Holy Bible’ the tickets sold out in minutes. Due to this phenomenal response, they have added four more dates culminating in their first ever performance at Cardiff Castle.

The tour sees the band play the album in full for the very first time. A deluxe box set of ‘The Holy Bible’ was also released on Monday with the record available on vinyl for the first time in 20 years. The release also includes BBC recordings of the December 1994 Astoria shows (the last dates played with guitarist Richey Edwards) released commercially for the first time and a beautifully curated book with rare, previously unseen images, including exclusive photos by Mitch Ikeda, handwritten lyrics, sleeve notes from Keith Cameron and notes from the band. Check out our review here.

The band have released two albums in just over a year, ‘Rewind The Film’ (no.5)  in September 2013 and ‘Futurology’(No. 2) in July on this year. The latter is popping up on lots of ‘Best Of’ end of year lists – including ours – and both received stunning reviews on release.

Current dates:

  • 10 | 11 December  Manchester, Albert Hall           SOLD OUT
  • 13 December  Dublin, Olympia Theatre              SOLD OUT
  • 15 | 16 | 17 December London, Roundhouse                 SOLD OUT

New Dates:

  • 30 May    Edinburgh, Usher Hall
  •  1 June     Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
  •  2 June     Southampton, O2 Guildhall
  •  5 June     Cardiff, Castle

Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 12th December priced £32.50 (except Cardiff £37.50).  Support to be announced.

Bag yourself a copy of the reissued version of The Holy Bible here:

The Manic’s can also be found on Twitter as @Manics and on Facebook.

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