Manchester’s Night And Day Facing Noise Closure Threat From New NeighbourManchester’s legendary Night And Day venue is facing the threat of closure due to a complaint about noise made by a neighbour who has lived in flats above the Oldham Street venue for less than a year. 

The venue, which can boast being the place that helped launched bands such as Elbow and I Am Kloot (legend has it their demo tapes had the Night and Day’s phone number on them) as well as hosting many up-and-coming bands from Manchester and beyond, has spent thousands of pounds in recent years in order to try and reduce the noise created by the venue and its impact on its neighbours.

However this doesn’t appear to have been enough for one resident, who moved in less than a year ago, who has filed a complaint with Manchester Council’s Neighbourhood Services about the noise created by the venue.

This begs the fairly obvious question of why would somebody move into a flat above or adjacent to a known and established music venue and then complain about the noise.   Would you move next to a railway line and complain about train noise or next to a motorway and complain about road noise?  Of course not.   There is plenty of accommodation in central Manchester readily available where this person could have moved to without being above a music venue.

Even ignoring the fact that Manchester Council should be supporting and preserving traditional music venues that are part of the history and culture of the city which attracts so many students and visitors to Manchester, they should be sending a message to people who think they can move into an area and then demand the removal of established businesses.   If Night And Day succumbs, what will that mean for Dry Bar next door, which is open late at weekends and also puts on live music?

Please sign this petition to help support The Night And Day and keep it alive.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Manchester or not, this is a fight that independent music venues across the country will fight more and more as our city centres get desanitised.

The Change Org petition can be found here

Manchester residents can write to Neighbourhood Services with their view at the following address :  Neighbourhood Services, Manchester City Council, MANCHESTER, M60 2LA.

Every bit of support could be vital to defeat this ridiculous complaint.

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  1. An absolute shame if it gets closed down – I’ve only been in there for food and beer but it’s a nice place and the staff are so friendly, I hope to go to a gig there at some point.

  2. I am an American that spent 6 months living in Manchester. The Night and Day was a place were I spent more than a few nights. It would be a laughable travesty if it were to close on account of such a trivial complaint considering Night and Day has been tree for so long. Surely some reasonable compromise can be made.

  3. You people are thugs and any decent person is glad you’re being shut down. Less law breaking, noise, drugs, fights etc. now

  4. I can only assume hat the estate agent advertised this flat as a quiet country cottage, with exquisite views of the Lake district?
    Manchester Council is never shy in promoting Manchester’s musical and cultural heritage in order to attract tourists and businesses so sureley it’s about time they showed some support for the city’s present and future too.

  5. No way should the night and day be closed due to one moaning neighbour, they were stupid enough to move above it knowing this was the case

  6. This happened in 2004. httpss:// Can we really be sure this isn’t just propaganda by Night & Day because people’s interest is waning in the place due to the fact they resent paying the lion’s share of £5 for a 330ml bottle of beer? – See more at: httpss://

  7. It will be a shame I’d Night and Day closes. Unfortunately It’s happening to all kinds of venues. Several motor racing venues have had problems about noise, after housing estates have been built nearby. And yes, there are instances were people have complained about train noise after moving next to one!


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