Manchester is to get an elected mayor- we look at some of the early front runners…Manchester to get an elected mayor, at one time Tony Wilson would have have been the obvious candidate but in 2014 there is no obvious dominating media figure on the tip of everyone’s tongue – which is a GOOD THING!

It’s quite a job! and even if media and showbiz faces declare their interest they will be sorely tested with powers over strategic planning, including the power to create a statutory spatial framework for Greater Manchester. This will need to be approved by a unanimous vote of the Mayor’s Cabinet;

Responsibility for a devolved and consolidated transport budget, with a multi-year settlement to be agreed at the next Spending Review, and responsibility for franchised bus services (subject to consultation by Greater Manchester), and for integrated smart ticketing across all local modes of transport;

Control of the reformed earn-back deal, within the current envelope of £30m a year for 30 years – this will gives Greater Manchester the certainty they need to extend the Metrolink to Trafford Park;

Take on the role currently covered by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

That could be a bit of handful  for most chancers but would also be quite funny to see some people grapple with all that stuff…

Meanwhile around the rest of the world showbiz figures and media figures seem to be a shoe in for the job and handle all the complex stuff and sometimes, even clowns can get to run a city like in London.

Manchester has no shortage of opinionated showbiz types –  here are some of the early front runners…


1. Bez

Well he is off to a head start with his anti tracking campaign which is far more serious and well informed than most people initially thought…he would certainly be twisting some melons!


2. Mark E. Smith

He gets our vote! Citizen Smith would make the perfect mayor- either bolshy or obtuse and would terrify the establishment with his unconventional ways and the whiff of fag smoke and stale pubs would ooze around the stern looking town hall.


3. Morrissey

Just imagine how much trouble he would unintentionally cause – every statement and press release would cause an internet meltdown.


4. Gary Barlow

Perhaps not


5. Alex Fergeson

Abrasive and a marmite figure and would split the city into two maybe causing  Balkan or Ukraine style civil war, would not take any shit and has probably had enough of being the bad tempered pensioner swearing at young people in the park in his down time whilst taking the dog for a walk.


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