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On Saturday Nov 28th Manchester’s Home cinema is to screen John Smith’s 30 minute film for Echo and the Bunnymen’s Shine So Hard EP release. They will also present work by Derek Jarman and Bill Butt working with musicians including Marianne Faithfull and Pink Floyd.

Screening details
Echo and the Bunnymen: Shine So Hard, dir. John Smith, 1981, 32 mins
Broken English: Three Songs by Marianne Faithfull, dir. Derek Jarman, 1979, 12 mins
San Francisco, dir. Anthony Stern with music by Pink Floyd, 1968, 16 mins
Associations, dir. John Smith, 1975, 7 mins
Le Via Luonge, dir. Bill Butt, 1981, 16 mins
Presented in partnership with LUX and the BFI National Archive.
Event details.

This screening is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers John Smith and Bill Butt, reunited for the first time since their Echo and the Bunnymen collaboration. John Smith is one of the UK’s best loved artist filmmakers, since 1972 he has made over forty film, video and installation works that have been widely shown internationally in galleries, cinemas and on television. In 2013 he won Film London’s prestigious Jarman Award. Bill Butt was Echo and the Bunnymen’s lighting engineer, know for his dramatic and surreal staging, going on to make many of their music videos. Artist Chris Paul Daniels, currently showing in our Safe exhibition, will chair the Q&A.

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