Manchester Cornerhouse Premiere Rough Cut -Great New Film- Tonight And You Are Invited…

Tonight the Cornerhouse in Manchester are premiering Rough Cut, a film they’ve made with the artist Jamie Shovlin. It’s an artist documentary about the culmination of Shovlin’s long-term project Hiker Meat – a re-imagined 70s exploitation film (which is also the subject of his exhibition at the Cornerhouse next year from 18 Jan).

Rough Cut documents Shovlin’s attempt to ‘re-make’ key sections of Hiker Meat in the Lake District (standing in for an American summer camp) in June, with a small number of professionals and much larger group of enthusiastic local people. The film contrasts these re-made sequences (featuring slasher standards like a hitchhiking girl, a charismatic commune leader and a threatening, monstrous presence) with on-set footage, and insights into the development of Hiker Meat’s script, soundtrack and design.

There will be a Q&A session with Shovlin and his collaborators.  It’s on at 8.10 and the film is on general release from 6 Dec.

More information on the film on the Cornerhouse website.

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