Manchester Arena renamed Phones4U Arena – who is going to call it that?Manchester Arena renamed Phones4U Arena – who is going to call it that?

The 21 000 capacity Manchester Arena- the second busiest arena in the world has been renamed the phones4U arena after a takeover- we can’t keep up with the names the place has had- it was once the NYNEX or the M.E.N..

Who is going to be using the new name? Sounds a bit odd saying ‘I’m off to see Rammstein at the phones4U Arena…?

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  1. I think it’ll always be the MEN Arena to be honest. Even since it’s been the MCR Arena, everyone I know still refers to it as the MEN. I doubt that’ll change, especially as phones4u Arena is a bit of a mouthful.

  2. Not fussed what its called, excited about connecting to the wifi for once when im there and i got my phones from phones4u :) so hopefully il get some early tickets for jayz yessshhh!


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