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Sheffield’s Malevolence have been making waves throughout 2013. Through touring they have raised their profile and created a solid buzz around themselves. With Reign of Suffering, they have taken their obvious influences and fused them together in a crushing mix.

The album opens with one of many furious numbers. In The Face of Death allows all the band to make their stamp early on. A bludgeoning mix of riffs and blast beat drumming pound their way into your skull. The five piece keep the mix interesting with some excellent solo work, and snarling vocals. Condemned To Misery opens with a melodic guitar before smashing you in the face with a death metal style guttural roar and riff. For the near five minute duration, there are several tempo changes and guitar work that borders a little on djent.

Serpents Chokehold is a massive highpoint of the release. The guitar work has a great groove reminiscent of Pantera. The thought of that comparison could signal cliché but Malevolence manage to take the mix and make it unique. The more groove oriented sound is punctuated by chugging guitar work. The tempo slows to almost doom like proportions towards the end of the track before being led to the end by a neat solo.


Reign of Suffering’s title track veers again more towards death metal in parts. There are a couple of moments that are vocally reminiscent of Carcass. The riffs around the mid point of the track are dense, and the guitar melody has an eastern tinge to it. It’s a fantastically concocted mix. The track again slows before chugging out of the blocks to a melancholy end that adds a little respite to proceedings before being smashed apart by next track; Delusions of Fear.

The longest track on the release is Turn To Stone. At seven and a half minutes, the track again goes on a journey through many of the aforementioned features, however the second half of the track has a greater feeling of grandeur with an acoustic outro and another facet to the sound added. Wraith wraps up the record in similarly bombastic fashion. An absolutely glorious solo helps bring the curtain down on a superb release.

The whole band excels throughout the record, and this release only whets the appetite for more from the band. With a live reputation that is second to none, they’re certainly a band to keep an eye on.


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All words by Dom Walsh. You can read more from Dom at his author’s archive here. Dom also tweets as @bwfcdom83.

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