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The new video by Madonnatron is a watery delight. Roxy Gillespie reviews this excellent slice of musical Noir.

South East London band Madonnatron have developed their own brand of glamorous yet sinister post punk. Their music has matured since the early songs such as Sang Neuf, and now the air of sordid decadence has style and substance. The latest single Mermaids is no exception. It is one of the classiest slices of sleaze available on the current alternative scene. Eerie wailing tops the languid beat and down-at-heel, atmospheric guitars. When the vocals really kick in and the story of a life gone wrong weaves its spell, Charlie’s vocals are deep and forceful, a great foil for the ghostlike backing vocals. The beautiful woman falling from grace is a classic Noir thriller trope and here it makes for some really special and unnerving music.

The video makes the most of the watery connotations without losing the sinister feel. Wading through dirty water and the symbolism of the overflowing sink give a strange sense of unease, while the girls sinking under the bath water give a surreal yet sombre feel, as if you are watching someone drowning in minute detail. You are witnessing the moment of reckoning; past deeds are about to be paid for one way or another. The water makes things unclear and mutable, yet the squalid sense of having nowhere left to run is crystal clear throughout. Produced by Trixie Malixie/ Ravenous Productions, the video brings the music to life in all its desperate glory.

Madonnatron have cornered the brand of no nonsense women who know they have the power to bewitch you with a single glance. Their music may be a hex, but it is a great way to be cursed. Mermaids is one of their strongest singles to date and one of the best videos for a long while.


Find out more about Madonnatron on their Facebook and TwitterTheir music is available at the Trashmouth Records Bandcamp page.

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.


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