Madonna new single: what do you think? join the debate

Madonna new single: what do you think? join the debate

Madonna new single: what do you think? join the debate

Some say she is the Queen Of Pop, some say she is last year’s Lady Gaga…

but Madonna has a new single out….

It’s a pop event.

What do you think? is is she back to her best? was she ever any good? is she still the Queen Of Pop?


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10 comments on “Madonna new single: what do you think? join the debate”

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  1. Lady Gaga all the way. Annie Lennox was the queen of pop not Madge, Madonna copied everything from her.

  2. Is that it?

  3. I like it catchy pop what Madonna does best, shame about the dance routine though, Annie Lennox danced it better……… : )

  4. Nicola Roberts should sue!!!

  5. Hmm. ‘Every song sounds the same’. Yep, catchy but not brilliant. Will be ok at the Superbowl tomorrow. Massive global audience, massive hit guaranteed. Outdoes GaGa. All in all not bad. 6/10

  6. Total dross… Toni Basil did the cheerleader biy much better on Mickey… And that was also dross .

  7. Good grief :-(

  8. The chorus sounds like an electro pop version of ‘Bohemian like you’ by The Dandy Warhols which was hardly the most original song to start with. (alas though, already running through my head is ‘el-yoo-vee-Madonna! – make it stop!)

  9. what a load of crap. sounds like the ravings of a 5 year old. this only proves that Madonna can’t sing and is a has been of an era gone bye.

  10. This is better than most of the shit that fills the charts today, people always want to write Madonna off. I still love the Ray Of Light album, pop perfection!

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