Madonna looking for fans to buy tickets!
Madonna looking for fans to buy tickets!

Madonna looking for fans to buy tickets!
Madonna looking for fans to buy tickets!

In the past couple of weeks there has been much talk of Madonna overtaking Elvis in the album charts with the most number one albums by a solo artist.

This kind of talk always gives a very false impression of the situation and whilst Madonna has sold millions of records and is undeniably a massively successful solo artist she still doesn’t seem to have the cultural cache of Elvis. Elvis invented the idea of the modern pop star and modern culture, he didn’t do it on purpose it was just timing.

He also had less time than Madonna and had eat himself to death before he could rack up any more number one albums!

Madonna’s triumph in the weakened album chart is still impressive but the reality of her size was further underlined in the fact that her much hyped stadium tour of the UK is running into problems with the ticket sales. Her Birmingham show remains not sold out with lots of criticism of the excessive ticket prices- ironically the expensive corporate seats sold out fast and so did the cheap seats but a massive swathe of mid pre ice tickets remains unsold bringing up several factors like the recession affecting tickets sales, the fact that she may not be that massive really and maybe the end of the era of the public blindly being loyal to the spectacle.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. I never got why Madonna should have any cultural significance in terms of music. I have nothing against her and I respect her for being a tough businesswoman. But she’s as much a singer as Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor. So well done but for me her music was always more like a byproduct to her image.

  2. You’ve clearly not been on Madonna’s website where you can see the Tour dates and read Sold Out virtually down the whole list, Stadiums and all! The Dublin venue still has tickets but Ireland is not exactly in a great financial position right now. Even so, as with Murrayfield, the only tickets available are right at the far end and high up! I do not know any other artist who puts on Theatre at a stadium in the way that Madonna does and gets crowds of over 60,000 or more throughout the world. Arenas are sold out within an hour! This is not a rock star just performing songs with a band, this really IS a theatrical experience. Her live performances cannot be bettered in my opinion. I’ve seen most popular acts and she still commands an audience like no other. Madonna set the standard and is still doing it best. You only have to look at Superbowl! More tuned in Worldwide for her half-time show than watched the game! Nuff said!

    • ‘Live’ is a moot point.

      Miming to a backing track is more accurate.

      Gigs in the UK are a long way short of selling out.

      The recession in Ireland is no excuse. Stone Roses sold out there in minutes and metal bands like Rammstein with no radio play and no press can sell out really quickly.

  3. Stone Roses gig is Dublin HAS sold out. Not sure why you are making things up.

    This is from the band’s own website (not sure why they would make this up- afterall selling out the gig is in their interest…)

    ‘The Stone Roses are pleased to announce that the Dublin Phoenix Park show has now sold out to its capacity of 45000.’

  4. madonna is awful,her voice is pathetic and her music is for the not very bright,she mimes,when are her fans going to realise that this vile excuse for a human being is a total fake,theatre give me a break,she is utter garbage,she is ultimatley the mcdonalds of the pop world.

  5. Stone Roses in Dublin is FAR from sold out. The tickets were taken off sale for a while to create a ‘sold out’ buzz and drive people to buy tickets off of the secondary market but there are thousands left.

    Madonna has, to this date, sold 45,000 of 50,000 tickets for Hyde Park.

    Rihanna has sold just under 30,000 for the same venue, yet I dont see this website telling us all that Rihanna is over / a failure etc.

    All this Madonna hating is getting really tired. Find another punch bag.

  6. Everywhere you look it’s really easy to get Madonna tickets. My friends are going and picked them for really cheap.

    I’m having to go to a European Festival to get to see the Stone Roses, the gig in my home town of Dublin was annoyingly sold out fast.

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