Madchester- the poster…

A club up in Scotland did a spoof of the peter Blake classic Sgt Pepper sleeve for their Britpop night. It was mainly Manchester faces and a few from London. Identity in Manchester saw the artwork and did a great new version (which includes all the local bands and our LTW boss John Robb) which has gone through the roof with everyone trying to get hold of it as a poster or a T shirt…

Madchester- the poster
Madchester- the poster

So, who is in tis poster…from top left to right…

Gillian Morris,
Bernard Sumner
Stephen Morris of New Order,
Gio-Goi designer Antony Donnelly,
Russian Rick
Factory Records supremo Tony Wilson
Actor Christopher Eccleston
DJ Phil Beckett
Broadcaster Stuart Maconie
T-shirt designer Leo B Stanley
Buzzcocks frontman Pete Shelley
M People star Heather Small
DJ and rocker Mike Sweeney
Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr
Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher
Punk poet John Cooper Clarke
Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis
Second row

Doves’ Andy Williams
Gio-Goi designer Chris Donnelly
DJ Mark Radcliffe
Inspiral Carpets star Clint Boon
The Fall frontman Mark E Smith
Photographer Ian Tilton
Manchester United legend Eric Cantona
Goldblade rocker John Robb
DJ and M People founder Mike Pickering
Courteeners frontman Liam Fray
New Order bassist Peter Hook
Original Stone Roses tour manager Steve Adj
Happy Mondays freaky dancer Bez
Smiths legend Morrissey
Happy Mondays vocalist Rowetta.
Front row:

Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder
Ex-Oasis star Noel Gallagher
Comedian Bernard Manning
Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge
Entertainer George Formby
Actor Robert Powell
Stone Roses stars Reni, Mani, Ian Brown and John Squire
On the ground:

The Mock Turtles Can You Dig It? cover
Comedian Les Dawson
Manc ”ËœIt girl’ Tina Street
Factory Records founders Peter Saville, Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus
Broadcaster Terry Christian
In the TV screen ”“ original Smiths manager Joe Moss
Square picture ”“ 808 State. ”” with Pablo El Diablito and Rowetta Madchester.

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  1. Love it! But did you have to choose that picture of Morrissey? Oh well…lol. I suppose he asked for it a little. :-)

  2. I am bewildered by the fact that A Guy Called Gerald is not included in this picture. I interpret this fact to be symptomatic of the shallow state of mind this picture was produced in. It aims to portray Madchester, a scene that claimed of itself to transcend class boundaries, fuse musical styles, and mix crowds of various ethnicities and sexual orientations, fuelled by empathy for everyone. Yet of the 49 people we see here (not counting Tony Wilson and Rowetta twice), 43 are white males, only one of which (at least as far as I know) has a sexually ambiguous identity.

    I know it’s nobody’s fault to be who they are. And with regards to their impact on the city of Manchester, the choice of people for this picture is certainly more or less justified (Who IS Russian Rick, really?). Also, no offence to whoever made that picture – I don’t mean “shallow” in a negative way – I just assume this pic was done in a hurry without reflecting much what it’s supposed to be about. I really thing it might be worthwhile giving a bit more thought to how much “Madchester” this picture is. It’s probably more Manchester than Madchester.

  3. Hello folks,
    This picture, and the original which included several people from a number of non-Manc groups, has created a hell of a lot of commenting on who/who shouldn’t be in it all over the interweb…firstly, it’s pretty hard to get decent enough pictures of folk to use…we are still looking for Tony Ogden pics and a guy called Gerald (as mentioned above)…and secondly, all it is though is a flyer for a club night in Edinburgh, called Club Madchester, and it reflects the music that’s played there…indieish with a massive focus on the Manchester bands of the later 80s/early 90s…it’s not trying to be anything other than a bit of fun people will pick up in the bars/unis of edinburgh and come to the club! As we’ve been on the go since ’94, the, music morphs from time to time, hence the on-Mancs in the original…but it’s cool this flyer has been noticed so much. Tim Burgess guest DJs at our next event and checkout our Facebook page to see some of the other classic flyers, such as Bez Lightyear and Star Trek Shaun Ryder.
    Cheers, Stevie & dEL.


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