Cannibal Corpse
Lyrics for the sick: Top 10 unpleasant songs to sing along to…
Cannibal Corpse

Lyrics for the Sick  – Top 10 unpleasant songs to sing along to

We all love a good singalong. Especially when it’s tunes about bonking the dead and slaughtering children. Yeah? Behold, the results from a debauched voyage for the most gross-out lyrics, do feel free to croon along in disgust and/or delight”¦


With tracks like ”ËœFrantic Disembowelment’, ”ËœI Cum Blood’ and ”ËœAddicted to Vaginal Skin’ the American death metallers are a favourite for fucked up lullabies. DISMEMBERED AND MOLESTED is a beautiful little ditty about climaxing on mutilated corpses. A karaoke classic.

”ËœSever the limbs, decapitate. Yank out the teeth then masturbate. Pounding the face, ejaculate.’

But it’s the sentimental ”ËœNECROPEDOPHILE’ that throws these sickos to the top spot.  Particularly the bit about ejaculating through the mouth of the child’s severed head.

”ËœViolated after death. Virgin hole I infest. Anal pore spewing cess, the sacred juice Iinjest. Your dead child I defile, Necropedophile!’


GG’s just ate a sleazy burger, and there’s NO FUCKING PAPER. The descriptions in the title. Yummy.

”ËœEat my diarrhea you’re chuggin‘ it down, you’re suckin‘ my ass and your lips are all brown. I’m gunna shit in your mouth, I’m gunna shit in your face, your mouth, andwanna shit on your mother. I’m gunna shit on you and your mother.’


One to serenade your loved ones with”¦

”ËœI got something to say, I killed your baby today, and it doesn’t matter much to me, as long as it’s dead. Well I got something to say, I raped your mother today, and it doesn’t matter much to me, as long as she spread.’


This one’s for all of you who have ever fell in love with a sexy slug outside Tesco. No one, then?

”ËœMy pretty baby, wraps her clit around my head. She can really do it, she can really do it good. She does it like she ought to, she does it like she should, and she’s got transparent eyes, like a human slug.’


She wouldn’t marry him, so he stabbed her fifty times and preserved her as a sex carcass. Dead girl returns and stabs him fifty times. Romantic. The heater on her thighs made me do a chortle.

”ËœShe was never this good in bed, even when she was sleepin‘. Now she’s just so perfect, I’ve never been quite so deep in. It just goes on, and on, and on”¦’


Any song with the opening line ”ËœFuck you titty suckin‘ two balled bitch with a fat green clit’ is definitely written by a scorned male. Yeah it’s bitter testosterone-fuelled dribbling, which is never fun, but check out the refined vocabulary! Wow!

”ËœSaggy tits swinging between your fat crusty armpits, big ass hairy mole between your pussy lips. Fuck shit cock dick cunt ass barf piss.’


The kings of crude, with songs about shagging sheep and spermy shit, their un-PC lyrics would give Mary Whitehouse a seizure. This one’s about a lady with a huge vagina you could fit a bus inside.

”ËœAfter ten pints, she looked quite fit, couldn’t wait to get my hands on her flabby tits. So I said, ”Ëœslap that and ride the ripples, I just got to get my gob round her greasy nipples’. Flabby arse, sweaty breasts, thirty eight chins, she was a mound of flesh.’

These repulsively righteous, morally rotten tracks are nothing, nothing, compared toIntense Hammer Rage. This is a band who had hundreds of copies of their CDs seized in house raids, a band so sick they were taken to court and fined. Their music is a hellbowl filled with gruel, snot, shit, rape and paedophilia. Songs like ”ËœPrematureEjaculraper‘ and ”ËœChoking on a Chocolate Log’ are actually their tamest. Have a listen, and no doubt you’ll reach the same conclusion as I did ”“ what the FUCK is wrong with these guys?

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  1. Some pretty unpleasant stuff here! I’d have included “Slug Bait” by Throbbing Gristle in there as well…


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