Lynne Jackaman Tour Poster

Lynne Jackaman Tour PosterLynne Jackaman – No Halo


Released on iTunes, June  16th 

Former member of Saint Jude Lynne Jackaman releases her debut solo EP.

I have to admit to being bemused at the current idea that “there aren’t enough female singers out there”. Really? On the one hand, ‘Later…’ seems to have no shortage of female artists on a weekly basis. What is lacking, however, is an abundance of female singers with soul and class. So, look no further…

After rock/soul band Saint Jude called it a day, Lynne Jackaman has taken her time to craft some songs which not only highlight her soulful voice but stand out from the pack. Working with The Quireboys’ Guy Griffin, she releases her first solo EP, ‘No Halo’, via iTunes on June 16th.

‘Wasted’ brings a touch of classy funk to her palette, which may surprise her followers from Saint Jude days, but the strength and range of her voice is at the fore here. Very radio-friendly, it’s time for her to put herself forward as a serious solo artist on the international stage.

Lead track ‘No Halo (On Me)’ is a dance-oriented touch of soul that Annie Lennox would’ve sung in the days when she ruled the charts. Quality stuff.

‘Honesty (Can Be So Cruel)’ slows the pace a little. There’s a hint of Quireboys at the start with the classy keyboards, but once the voice comes in you realise this is Lynne’s show and she owns it. No vocal histrionics or showboating needed; when you’ve got the pipes, less is more (most of these are one-take vocal recordings) . The tune floats along on a wave of melancholy. There are precious few women who sing like Lynne Jackaman nowadays. Call it soul, call it funk, it matters not. This is for music lovers everywhere who appreciate a great voice.


Expect more live dates after Lynne’s debut at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on June 16th. More from Lynn can be found on Facebook and she tweets as @lynnejackaman.

All words by Martin Haslam. More from Martin can be found at his author archive.

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