John Lydon
Lydon slams upcoming Sex Pistols biopic ‘when you interfere with my business you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result.’
John Lydon

There was always going to be tears at some point. The upcoming Danny Boyle produced biopic on the Sex Pistols is based on Steve Jones book and looks to tell a different version from the usual.

This may have irked the former frontman who says “I think that’s the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever had to endure. I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me but what’s the actor working on? Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court]. Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me – it isn’t going to happen. Not without a huge, enormous fucking fight. I’m Johnny, you know, and when you interfere with my business you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result. It’s a disgrace.”

With the likes of Jordan on board to make sure the period detail is perfect it looks like a thorough attempt to get the details right and sneak previews and reports have been very positive. A rep for Pistol said that Danny Boyle had contacted John Lydon’s management company about Pistol but “ultimately direct contact was declined”.

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  1. Does John Lydon really think he’s going to win this one? He’s not that important anymore, times have moved on.

  2. Read No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, John Lydon’s book. Steve Jones’s book is all about Steve Jones bragging about how cool it was to steal things and how many girls he screwed. I was in the front row of the Winterland show and you could just see everything falling apart right there.

    • That’s a gross over simplification of Jonesys book mate. I agree Lydons first autobiography is an excellent read,but his second one reads like it was co written with Alan Partridge and Nigel Farage. Steve’s book is not as good as JLs first but its a million times better than JLs embarrassingly self serving second one.

  3. Well let’s see what transpires-it’s all about subjectivity and it’s possible to do a character study without actually consulting the person if the information is at hand -The production seems to be in good hands and any in-house challenges to the portrayal will probably only serve to be good publicity in some way-The jury is out but there is already an element of intrigue-look forward to it

  4. He does have a point. If an actor is playing him they should be in contact with him to find out about him. It’s called research and most actors do that when they’re playing a biographical role.

  5. If Lydon chose not to speak to Danny Boyle then he is simply throwing his toys out of the pram. Knowing Jordan is actively involved assisting Danny Boyle and the actors I believe with Danny’s meticulous research and usual attention to detail with his previous productions, it will be a brilliant piece of work. Jordan was the heart of what happened – before it all actually happened, and she is still in contact with many of the other musicians and people of the time (Adam Ant, Marco, Vivienne Westwood etc), which she has written about in her book and spoke about on the book tour. I suspect that Lydon probably can’t remember much about what happened living the drugs, sex and rock n roll life.

  6. ‘Celebrities’ can’t copyright their life story, it’s already in the public domain. The best he could do would be to sue for defamation after it’s been broadcast, but only if they portray him in a way that is counter to what we already know about him.

  7. If you think that Lydon “can’t remember much about what happened living the drugs, sex and rock n roll life”, you clearly have no idea about the man or his work in the Pistols and beyond.
    The group would merely have been a great rock and roll band without him. With him, they were a cultural phenomenon, and an inspiration to countless, and generations.
    Danny Boyle is a shit film director, another middle class idiot pronouncing on something he has no fucking idea about.
    It is impossible to portray Lydon on screen – check out Alex Cox’s appalling ‘Sid And Nancy’. This is going to be gruesome.

  8. Johnny blowhard strikes again…from angry young punk to cranky tired old thinks Johnny’s looking to win the ghetto lotto…perhaps if they need someone to play Winston Churchill..he can audition..he already looks the part

  9. The Sex Pistols become iconic because of their behaviour and merchandise rather than their music. They had a quartet of brilliant singles which serve as a template for the genre but that was about it. The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Gang of Four….all better and more productive acts. Lyndon sensibly jumped ship when he realised he was surrounded by lightweights and created the awesome PIL and has consistently produced fascinating and groundbreaking music since. As the only credible musician in the band, I’m not surprised Lydon is wary of this project.

  10. When a film maker has to hire someone who used to go to the band’s gigs TO ENSURE PERIOD DETAIL IS CORRECT(!) they’re already manning a sinking ship.


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