Lydon mosaic by Ed Chapman

Lydon mosaic by Ed Chapman

Lydon rules out ever writing new Sex Pistols material

John Lydon has (for now) ruled out writing new songs with the Sex Pistols… I say for now as we all know just how contradictary Lydon can be.

The 56-year-old singer has stated that the group will never release another album of new material; he claims the band’s numerous reunion tours were an ideal opportunity to clear the air, to resolve the groups previous well documented differences.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Lydon said: “[The tours were] to clear up some old animosities, the very reason we fell apart originally. We just wanted to learn to appreciate each other in a different light.”

“Unfortunately, the tour went on too long, and it crept back in to all the old problems. It became very staid and tired for me and it felt like it was a job.”

He added: “I couldn’t write new songs in a Sex Pistols context. I love singing them old songs, because they’re very poignant and a very pertinent part of history belongs to the Sex Pistols.

“If I write new songs, it’s PiL and that’s it. Occasionally, a re-enactment is a fine thing. I love Civil War re-enactments.”



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