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The Lurkers – High Velocity (Human Punk / Damaged Goods )

Limited Edition of 500 Copies on 7″ Pink Vinyl Only!

Pre-order now / released 24/11/17

Not Arturo’s Lurkers but three Original Lurkers (Pete, Nigel & Esso)…plus a guest vocal from Danie of The Featherz on the title track. 

Pop history is littered with battles over the use of a bands name by rival former members – years after their heyday. And this looks like it might be another storm in a pint-pot. Lurkers Versus Lurkers.

Three of the Classic Line-Up from The Lurkers – Pete Stride, Manic Esso, Nigel Moore -who have been using the name God’s Lonely Men for their  2010 ‘Chemical Landslide’ LP, shortened to GLM and then the Lurkers GLM for the 2016 ‘The Future’s Calling’ album have now released a single under the name the Lurkers (with guest vocalist Danie Cox on the title track and Pete singing on the other two).

This probably isn’t gonna go down well with Arturo Bassick who has been touring and releasing material as the Lurkers since 1987.

The former Gods Lonely Men have no immediate plans to tour due to Esso having just had major surgery so there will be no confusion on the live circuit.

You can’t blame them wanting to capitalize on the release of the recent Boxed Set of Beggars Banquet material from 77-80 which was reviewed here. The Damaged Goods press release says “They say that they wanted to demonstrate that 40 years on from their original inception they are still the pride of Fulham and Ickenham and are still making great records”.

Which indeed they are.  The title track is a barnstormer.  It has the Lurkers vibe straight away -high-energy, straight-forward punk rock and roll – Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi -High! – Dani has a likeable Honey Bane meets Beki Bondage singing style and is perfect on the song – echo-ing as it does the I-I-I-I-I from ‘I Don’t Need To Tell Her’ and the guitar zig-zag from ‘Countdown’.  It’s a nice piece of ramalama ding-dong punk pop – just like they used to make.

The B-sides are ‘White Noise and Feedback’ -with a lyric about the internet echo-chamber and inane banter and the excellent, slower piece of melody and melancholy ‘One Butterfly’ – a song which after a few listens sounds like a slow-burning classic which updates the ‘Lonely Men’ theme from the bands earlier work.

The picture sleeve is made up of four band-member portraits with Danie looking particularly fine, perfecting her punk-rock lip-curl sneer.

Because it’s a limited edition copies will fly out of the Damaged Goods store -so pre-order now if you’re interested.

And I’d also recommend getting hold of ‘The Future’s Calling’ album, which is still available on Drumming Monkey records (12″ vinyl version). and on CD from here as it’s an overlooked classic. Here’s a track from it …


Hopefully the Battle of the Lurkers won’t get vicious – Arthur and Esso have been good friends for more than forty years I am told – and neither are the sort who wanna waste their money making lawyers rich.  From the fans point of view there’s just more great music to enjoy …


The Lurkers (Stride,Haynes, Moore) website is here

(Arturo Bassicks) The Lurkers website is here

Buy High Velocity from Damaged Goods


All words by Ged Babey






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  1. Arturo Bassick was only in the band 5 minutes as a non song writing simple bassist. It’s baffles me he can use the Lurkers name. Another Lurkers line up included vocalist Marc Frincham… brilliant line up!!!!

    • Fincham not Frincham… stupid predictive text
      There is a cd called this dirty town with Marc singing it’s class. Him and Howard were perfect for the Lurkers!!!


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