LUMER By Keith Goldhanger 2018

Human Pet
Cannibal Animal
Luxury Apartments

The Old Blue Last
Saturday 3rd March 2018

Hull band Lumer have driven down to London for a Saturday night knees up. Keith Goldhanger arrives early and witnesses the whole event.

It’s been over a decade now since these two feet and ears first entered this venue.

Three quid to see Fucked Up on a warm Thursday evening is still the only time any money has been parted with to enter this venue. The Old Blue Last is a superb place hosting superb evenings and very often (if not always ?) admission is free.

Therefore if a bunch of blokes are prepared to jump in a van after a week of snow, ice, car crashes, high winds and warnings of even more snow to come then travelling three stops on the tube is the least we can do ourselves on a Saturday night. We believe the rest of the country may have written off this weekend before the knocking off hooter had been rang on Friday.

It could be a quiet one we thought.

It couldn’t be more opposite.

LUXURY APARTMENTS make simple two chord, sometimes one chord riffs that are loud abrasive, energetic, and thrilling. The basic non intrusive drumming keeps all this together and for an early evening appearance this trio are top knotch. Yet again we’re already curious as to who is finding all this stuff, collating it all together under one roof for free on a Saturday night and providing the punters with a selection of bands that are all to our liking ? These bands all seem to know each other, many decades ago it was the audience that all seemed to know each other. Luxury apartments are based up near Manchester and have just the one tune available at the present time to listen to at home however they have obviously made enough friends already to appear here in front of a boisterous eager room of punk rock noise loving music lovers.

CANNIBAL ANIMAL have arrived along with headliners Lumer from Hull and are another bass heavy loud, ferocious angry sounding band with tunes that chop and change in tempo without losing any of the intensity that ignites a band such as this and manages to maintain our attention span. It’s noticeable throughout this short set of songs that this band have some well worked tunes that need to be investigated more. Tunes that could match early Dead Kennedy’s in terms of tempo come and go, get ripped to shreds and don’t give the listener much time to catch breath.


HUMAN PET are as enthralling as Big Black were many years ago. Another big heavy distorted bass with dual vocals keep the adrenaline flowing. Loud choruses that crash and sway around giving those that can’t keep still an excuse to sup that beer down fast or throw it at the ceiling as soon as the big explosions in their songs appear.

Finally LUMER  (Top Pic) arrive and are here to show us more of what the city of Hull are capable of. There’s something going on up there that needs investigating for sure. We said this about Leeds recently – we’re pretty sure the whole of the UK has something huge and loud to offer us at the moment (another reason this all needs reporting). What we know at the moment is that there’s a youth organisation in Hull called The Warren Project that has supported and encouraged youngsters to get involved in music. Warren records Label manager Stewart Baxter is the drummer in Life, possibly the finest band to come out of the city for decades. There must be heaps of great bands up there who we need to take more notice of (especially when they visit our cities). Tonight we’re here to see Lumer who play fast and precise whilst delivering fierce intense tunes that could be many of our favourite 80’s bands (Bahuaus, Cure) at double speed but with about five times more bite. Lumer are loud and exciting and another great example of some of the great noisy post-punk rock bands we have around at the present time. This isn’t dumb ass three chord chugging punk rock either, there’s enough going on during these songs to make you question the sanity of these people but whatever it is they’re gluing all their ideas together with seems to result in the magic we hear. Fans of Cabbage, their city brothers Life or any other noisy punk rock bands throwing their results around soundcloud and You Tube at the moment will embrace this with both arms. There’s loads of quality music like this turning up in London at the present time. A lot of it free, and most of it coming in from other major cities around the UK.


It’s turning into a noisy year.

This event was hosted by Permanent Creeps.


All words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing by Keith on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Keith on Facebook and Twitter (@HIDEOUSWHEELINV). You may subscribe to the Goldhanger Shorts Facebook page or browse some of his photos too if you so wish.

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