Lucy GoochLucy Gooch: Rain’s Break

(Fire Records)

LP | CD | DL

Released 25th June 2021

Rain’s Break, the new EP from Lucy Gooch, is a lush synth-driven dreamscape that engulfs you in near-cinematic rises.


On her new EP, Lucy Gooch paints the moments between consciousness and sleep, the dusks and dawns where senses almost seem heightened and each sound resonates with a surrealistic quality. Over lush synths and glorious choral arrangements, her music becomes a canvas on which her abstract shapes form. It shifts in and out of focus across the five tracks, clarity coming to the fore on the EP’s penultimate track 6AM. “Losing grip on reality/I can’t see what’s in front of me.” There is by this point almost and layering of dread as the sweeping sounds of the songs before makes way from something more crashing and ominous. The shift out of sleep to face a day, perhaps. The moment when reality must take hold and make its mark once again. The track bleeds out into EP closer, Ash And Orange, with its swirling synth strings, the vocal refrain repeated adding to the sense of hybrid state, a false awakening.

There’s an ethereal nature to her work that recalls Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush. Sounds loop in and out, envelope the listener in swaths of sound that simultaneously soothe and disorientate. Time passes almost without realisation through a sense of illusion. On the title track, she states that the inspiration came directly from the monsoon scene at the end of the film Narcissus. It’s felt and connects, the music crashing in waves before a calm arrives on It Brings Me Back To You, like driftwood floating on the swirling water. Her voice, not entering for a full two minutes of the track, is somewhat haunting in its delivery. One line repeated. “Silence brings me back to you.”

Sat in the middle of the EP, Chained To A Woman patters like disparate raindrops, a more playful result that separates the two sets of songs that bookend the EP. Still abstract, still wandering somewhere in a dream, a vividness that somehow feels real and yet intangible. Rain’s Break is a magnificent EP of choral synth that seems to stretch out across time. It’s considered and yet seemingly effortless in its execution.

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Words by Nathan Whittle. Find his Louder Than War archive here.

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