imageOn the 16th of April Ian Brown re-releases his fourth solo album Solarized, exclusively as a Record Store Day release.

One of his finest solo albums to date Solarized will be released complete with matt-finish printed inner bag and download code all individually numbered.

A real collectors item which of course includes the now classic Ian Brown tracks – Time is my Everything, Kiss Ya Lips and the chart hit colab with Noel Gallagher Keep What Ya Got and more…grab one if you can.

Carl Stanley chatted to the man himself to get his thoughts on the release, vinyl and his own favourite tracks from the album.

LTW: What inspired you to not only re-release one of your solo albums on vinyl, but to pick out Solarized?

SOLARIZED is the only album of mine that didn’t get a vinyl release first time around so I’m made up its finally being vinylised.

So many memorable Ian Brown solo tracks on Solarized, tunes like Longsight M13, Time is my Everything, Kiss Ya Lips and of course you and Noel teaming up for Keep What Ya Got, what are some of your own favourites on there?

My faves are Destiny or Circumstance on which I play the guitars, Longsight M13 and Keep What Ya Got.

Can you tell us about some of the ideas behind those tunes?

“Keep what ya got by givin it all away” was a phrase used by Alan Aspden, Garys Aspden’s (Adidas creator/designer) Dad, and that’s where I got it from. Noel kindly lent me his studio in Surrey with no charge which is where we started recording and I have great memories of that and working in Strongroom East London and Townhouse in West London.

My fave though is Time is my Everything. I’d always wanted to do a trumpet tune and I had an idea for a trumpet part on Upside Down and hummed it to Tim Hutton who played it straight back to me. I asked him to help me come up with a tune dominated by trumpets and we came up with TIME, it’s one of my best ever.


There’s this feeling going about at the moment for a kinda vinyl revival, a new interest and love for the LP, would you say its still the best format to buy music on? What did buying vinyl back in the day mean to you as a music fan?

The vinyl revival is a great thing, I don’t think the sound of vinyl can be beaten. It’s great to know that the young generation love vinyl and are keepin’ it alive.

I used to buy two singles a week from my paper round wages throughout 77, 78 and 79…and still have em all!


Find out more about the re-release on the Ian Brown RSD Solarized release website and follow Ian Brown on Twitter.

Find out more about Record Store Day.

Interview by Carl Stanley. You can read more from Carl on Louder Than War here

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  1. I always smile a bit when that track splits from live to studio, we all know Ian’s voice can be awful live, it’s part of what makes him who he is though…. roll on the Stone Roses in Manchester.

    • An amazing human being, gifting us with his artistic musical ability, set in stone for me an unique just like a rose xxx

    • Ian you are incredible in every way .when I see you I think my God this guy ……he’s just so beautifully different an individual art form from another dimension and as humble as ever ️️thanku for bringing your stunning vibes to our ears and our life’s loads of love xxxx


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