Louder Than War Talk to Dub Sex and Rikki Turner about A Special Halloween Charity Concert for St Marys HospitalLooking forward to a very special night of music in the name of charity, Louder Than War chat to a couple of the artists involved on the night, Paris Angles Rikki Turner and Dub Sex’s Mark Hoyle and Chris Bridget.

The 31st of October sees Manchester’s Ruby Lounge host a long-awaited charity fundraiser for Manchester’s St Mary’s Hospital’s baby unit, through Manchester’s own Clint Boons charity ‘Hectors Fund’.

The night has been put together by the same team that brought you the Manchester Compilation album ‘Distant Drums’. Paris Angels manager Phil James and co have again come up trumps with a night of quality Manc music.

The night will feature the stunning sound of Manchester’s indie legends Dub Sex, along with singer-songwriting troubadour Mark Burgess and guests such as the Manchester collective described by Paris Angels Rikki Turner as “early 1980s post-punk  & mid 80s Paisley underground”, Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk, and Louder Than War favourites The Cornelius Crane. DJing on the night will be Phil Beckett, Tin Tin, Scott Carey and Phil James … so, a real mix in sound and styles.

And yes!, Dub Sex will be playing ‘Swerve’ and will also have a new box-set to release.

Here’s what Mark and Chris from Deb Sex had to say about the show…

A special night indeed Chris, what tracks can we expect from Dub Sex on the night?

Chris Bridget: When I heard that Phil and the Paris Angels were putting together an album in memory of Big Si I wanted to be involved, that’s why our track Swerve is on Distant Drums. The video we made for Swerve is on YouTube and has close to 20,000 plays, it’s probably the main song we’re remembered for so it was nice to have it included. Phil asked us earlier in the year if we’d do a couple of songs if he put on a gig, we eventually agreed in the summer and have been in rehearsal since September. We’re doing a 30 minute set, it sounds massive. Apart from Swerve we’re not going to tell you what we’ll be playing so if you want to find out buy a ticket and come!”

Louder Than War Talk to Dub Sex and Rikki Turner about A Special Halloween Charity Concert for St Marys Hospital

It’s about twenty four years since Dub Sex formed … in that time what have been the highlights, the many peel sessions or the releases such as early hit Swerve? Or maybe even compilation album Splintered Faith’? Or how about some of the gigs the group played…?

Mark Hoyle: One big highlight, really, Dub Sex have is that we’ve always been more than a group of musicians, we’ve always existed on a parallel, human level. For me, Dub Sex led me to people and ideas that I still cherish today. To think that me, a product of the British Care system, could stand at the Berlin Wall, or record at BBC Maida Vale, with all it’s ghosts, just because our music brought us there, is a massive, optimistic thought.

…and such music! When I hear that stuff swirling and sweeping around my head, it feels like anything is possible. It’s really inspiring. I was taken aback by just how just by how great it’s been sounding these last few months as we’ve prepared for the Ruby Lounge show. You’d have to be mad to miss it!

What can you tell us about the Dub Sex box set due released soon, and will you be playing a few gigs to promote the box set ?

Yeah, there will be a boxset, and very beautiful it will be too. But we can talk about that later; right now it’s all about the poorly babies. See you at Halloween, at the Ruby Lounge.


For a few more comments on what to expect on the night Louder Than War also spoke to Rikki Turner.

Louder Than War Talk to Dub Sex and Rikki Turner about A Special Halloween Charity Concert for St Marys HospitalWhat can we expect from Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk’s performance, what’s the group’s influences and where are they coming from musically?

Rikki Turner: Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk take a page from Early 1980s post punk and the mid 80s Paisley underground scene; Killing Joke, Psychic TV, Public Image Ltd., Cocteau Twins, The Pop Group & Rain Parade. The music that really enlivened an otherwise  drab time … Thatcher … unemployment and (the) UB40 (sic). The band all come from a like minded background so things gell and “The Vibe” is always a positive.

What does it mean to you Rikki, getting this show together as well as playing too?

Rikki Turner: To be doing this Charity again for Saint Mary’s means a lot not, just for this band, but for everybody who has given up their free time. Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk became involved through our manager Phil James … it also meant that Tayti and me were free from the shackles of the Paris Angels, working with Such Talents as Mary Joanna Coogan (actress and singer), Dan Adams (drummer for Cornelius Crane and guitarist with us) and finally Stephen Evans (ex-Twisted wheel), who has just joined us to play guitar to give the feel the band a super-group appeal … We will see you at the Front X.


Full details about the event:

Bands playing:

Dub Sex – Manchester’s definitive underground band of the late 80s/early 90s. They haven’t performed together for over twenty years, but they are, apparently, sounding more powerful than ever before.

The Chameleons’ Mark Burgess, who will be pulling out some special surprises.

The excellent americana / folk combo The Cornelius Crane, who will be performing tracks off their new album for the first time.

Another highlight is the eagerly-awaited debut performance from Mary Joanna & The Southern Electrikk – who are set to stun with a short set of dark funky post punk grooves.

DJ’ing will be New Order’s DJ Tintin and Stone Roses DJ Phil Beckett (Bop Local) providing the sounds between the bands & after.

All the bands and DJs have given their services for nothing to help raise awareness and cash for the St Marys Hospital Baby Care Unit in Manchester. We’re hoping to raise a substantial amount of cash for this worthy cause, so by buying a ticket for this sensational event, or coming along and paying on the door, you’ll be making a terrific charity donation as well as having the night of you life.

Advance are tickets £10 and available from Ticketline and Piccadilly Records, Oldham St, Manchester.


For Tickets go to Ticketline or Picadilly Records.

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All words by Carl Stanley. More writing by carl on Louder Than War can be found in his author’s archive.

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